Toledo Opens Fall Camp

The University of Toledo football team had their first practices of the 2010 season today, and Rocket Digest reporter Ned Wright was there. Read on for a quick blog from Ned about the practice, as well as a few photos from the afternoon practice session.

The first two practice sessions took place today inside the Glass Bowl, with the team divided into Gold and Blue teams. However, they did not practice together. The first session had one unit and the afternoon session the other.

Only four two-a-day practices are allowed by the NCAA. Today was technically a one-a-day session, with the team divided into two units (gold & blue).

The defense practiced in white and offense in blue. The gold and blue teams are a mixed bag, based on classes. The quarterbacks at the afternoon practice were true freshman Dwight Macon, sophomore David Pasquale, and senior Alex Pettee. That meant that sophomore Austin Dantin, redshirt freshman Michael Matthews, and redshirt freshman Terrance Owens were the quarterbacks at the morning session.

I find the pairings interesting, in that I believe Terrance Owens will still give Austin Dantin a run for his money, even though he is a redshirt freshman. It would be interesting to know if the pairings were arbitrary or on purpose, so that the staff could evaluate the two side by side, during the same practice session.

I asked Toledo Sports Information Director Paul Helgren how many preferred walk-ons are with the team and he said upwards of 10. This count includes the four already known ( Ihasz, Maslowski, Missler, & Hobbs). Paul will have an updated roster, including walk-ons, available in about ten days.

Florida speedsters and true freshmen Cassius McDowell and Bernard Reedy were both in the afternoon session. They showed some good hands on some basic quick down and out patterns. The very basics were being covered today.

The teams will soon merge for cohesive practices. The coaches got the pleasure of a two-a-day in the 92+ heat in the Glass Bowl today, but the players were on a one-a-day!

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