Archie Donald Talks 2010 Season

Archie Donald led the Rocket defense with 116 tackles in 2009. Now a senior, Donald is expected to lead the defense once again this fall, both vocally and on the field. Rocket Digest reporter Karl Rofkar recently caught up with Archie for the following Q&A.

Rocket Digest: Archie we talked a little after spring practice…how are you feeling?

Archie Donald: I'm excited to get the season started…I can't wait!

RD: I just got done talking to Desmond Marrow and he said he's glad to be getting back out here with his boy Archie.

AD: Aw yeah, absolutely! We got back that connection on that boundary on that side of the field…I'm excited to have him back out there with me.

RD: How's everybody looking after your first couple of days of practice?

AD: Everybody's looking solid. We got a lot of solid players. We're playing around, flying around as a team, making plays, so I feel we got a good chance of doing something this year.

RD: A couple of guys joked a little bit about the way Coach has you split up for two-a-days so you're getting double the reps (DaJaune Collins came to mind).

AD: Oh yeah, but I'm pretty sore, but that's what we need – more reps to get better, and learn from our mistakes, better our techiniques, then study the film later on.

RD: What's the defense looking like so far?

AD: Looking pretty good. The D-Line up front, Malcolm Riley, TJ Fatinikun are stepping up front big, keeping those offensive linemen off the second level guys and linebackers. So we're looking good as a unit.

RD: How about the converted offensive lineman that's moved to the D-Line?

AD: Danny Farr. Big guy, real big guy.

RD: Yeah…does that help? Is he getting any reps there?

AD: Oh yeah, he's getting reps. He's a big guy, so he's getting a lot of push up front. It's just the mental reps you gotta focus on. He'll get there.

RD: How does the defense seem to shape up to you? Is it more a power game, or more speed.

AD: Actually, it's both. We have a lot of guys up front that are big, and a lot of guys in the secondary that can fly around. We have a lot of 4-3 guys and that's big. We need guys big up front and fast in back, and I feel like we can get the job done this season. They're flying around with a lot of enthusiasm and just making plays.

RD: What are you seeing so far from the offense?

AD: They have a good hurry-up offense going on. The running backs are tearing up real good. Morgan Williams, Jake Walker, they're doing pretty good. AT (Adonis Thomas) is doing his thing too, and Austin Dantin is getting the ball to ‘em really well. We'll have to build off of that, and keep on going.

RD: We talked a little about replacing a guy like Barry Church. It looks like there's a little depth there at safety?

AD: Absolutely. It's going to be hard to replace Barry Church. He's a great player. But I feel like a lot of these young guys coming in, they have a lot of talent and they can get the job done.

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