Ole Miss: By The Numbers

As Tulane prepares for the Ole Miss, a look at the Rebels statistically and quotes from their head coach.

W-L: (2-1)
W vs. Central Arkansas (49-27)
W vs. UTEP (28-10)
L vs. Texas (66-31)
Last year: (2-10)

Offense Through 3 Games

Points per game: 36.0

255.7 YPG
20/28.7 (69.8%)
2.3 TD PG

41.7 Attempts
245.0 YPG
5.9 YPC
2.3 TD PG

70.3 Plays
500.7 YPG
7.1 YPP

Penalties and Turnovers:
3.7 penalties for 34.3 yards
1.0 fumbles, 1.3 interceptions, 2.3 total

Defense Through 3 Games

282.3 YPG
2.3 TD

39.7 Attempts
162.3 YPG
4.1 YPC
2.0 TD

71.7 Plays
444.7 YPG
6.2 YPP

Penalties and Turnovers:
6.3 penalties for 50.0 yards
0.3 fumbles, 0.7 interceptions, 1.0 total

Opposing Views:

Head Coach Hugh Freeze on loss vs. Texas:
"I'm disappointed in the times we did not fit plays properly or gave up big plays over the top..."Offensively, we had a few too many negative plays. We had nine negative plays, which kind of got us off course, and when you get in third-and-long against a group like that you're going to have a long afternoon"

On Facing Tulane:
"I'm very impressed with them, particularly defensively. They held Rutgers to 150 yards rushing. You can tell (Johnson) is very comfortable facing that type of offense, coming from the NFL. He understands how to fit the power game. They have a tremendous defensive lineman, No. 92 (Julius Warmsley), he could play for anyone."

"He's (Johnson) doing a very good job and his kids are playing hard and they're really sound. They want to throw the football around."

On his defense:
"I went and checked the practice scripts. When you're in a game like that and you're trying to create a lot of different movements, the goal is to get some penetration and some stops. It's a little confusing to the different fits that you have. That's the job that we as coaches have to do. If you think it's going to be confusing, you don't carry it in the game plan. That was the case at times. It was a mixture of fitting it properly and getting things done. Sometimes we didn't fit it properly."

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