Ole Miss - 39 Tulane - 0: Recap and Reaction

Impressions, quotes from Coach Johnson, and a recap of today's loss to Ole Miss.

Tulane's best play of the game came on the first play with Devin Powell hitting Ryan Grant on a fly route for a 32 yard gain. On the same drive the team gave the ball away after the ball sailed over Peter Picerelli's head on a punt attempt. It all trended downward after that play and the Wave were unable to provide any answers.

After recovering the ball on the Wave's 23 yard line the Rebels scored on 3 plays with RB Jeff Scott rushing it to the outside for a 13 yard score to go up 6-0 (the Rebels couldn't convert the 2 point conversion). After a 3 and out on their next drive the Wave surrendered a 13 play, 77 yard drive that resulted in a 14 yard double reverse score for Ole Miss WR Ja-Mes Logan (12-0 after another missed 2 point play).

After that score the Wave went 3 and out again, followed up by another Ole Miss drive for a score (4 plays, 61 yards). Randall Mackey busted a long 28 yard run to put the Rebels up 19-0. Tulane gave the ball away on their next drive after a Devin Powell throw bounced off of Justyn Shackleford's chest and landed in the arms of LB Denzel Nkemdiche. The Rebels converted that into a 3 play, 27 yard drive capped off by a 23 yard reception by Donte Moncrief for a touchdown, pushing the score to 26-0.

The Rebels continued to implement their fast paced offensive style and took their second drive of the half 80 yards in 15 plays with Jeff Scott getting his second score of the day putting the Rebels up 33-0. After Powell's 2nd interception the Rebels took over at the Tulane 40 and translated that into a 40 yard field goal. The final score came with 5:09 left in the game when Bryson Rose nailed a 47 yard field goal for the Rebels.

Quick Impressions

- Tulane created 3 turnovers today (all fumbles) but have little to show for it. None of the drives following the turnovers resulted in points.

- Obviously the run game is just nonexistent. This is statistically obvious but much of it also does not help when the team goes down big early and are forced to become pass-first.

- The offensive line struggled mightily again. Lack of holes on rushing plays and unable to deal with Ole Miss' blitzes. Without a run game Devin Powell is forced to do it all through the air.

- This game had a similar snowball effect as the Tulsa game. Once it started going bad it just continued to get worse for the Wave.

- The defense put themselves in good position on 3rd downs but they just could not generate many stops when it counted. Ole Miss' speed from sideline to sideline gave the defense a lot of problems. Compounding that with a number of missed open field tackles made it extremely difficult for the defense to get off the field.

- Devin Powell struggled some with accuracy today. He sailed a few balls to open receivers. Additionally he held on the ball a little too long, allowing for the Rebels' defense to get to him. He was put in a pretty difficult situation, though. Coach Johnson said he thought he did well at times and looked more like a freshman at others.

- Special teams did pretty well aside from the first punt attempt that sailed over Peter Picerelli's head. Josh Rounds looks like a good KR option.

- All in all the young defensive secondary played pretty well. Though the team is taking some lumps this year the experience is valuable and they will continue to improve.

- The defensive line lost the battle up front. The Rebels offensive line was manhandling them and creating holes.

- The good news for Tulane is that they have made it through their toughest games on paper. While ULM will be another tough test as they have beaten one SEC opponent and nearly knocked off another the following week they do not have the same level of talent as Rutgers or Ole Miss. That said they are well coached and will definitely be competitive.

Quotes from Coach Johnson:

"It was a tough outing for us, the freshman quarterback played good in spots. It's part of his learning curve as being a freshman. I thought the defense played well, Darion Monroe, again, he's a guy that was outstanding."

"I thought for the most part the effort was pretty good. I think they're a good football team, they can score a lot of points."

"I'll say it again, we gotta figure out a way to run the ball..There's only so much we can do with him [Devin Powell]. He had bad body language at points."

"What happens with young players, especially at that position [QB] game is faster than you think...he'll catch up with it."

"I don't think we've gelled yet at the offensive line. We're playing a variety of different players, trying to find the best combination."

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