INSIDER: The TRUE Capacity of New OCS

Come inside to see the actual capacity of the new On Campus Stadium, straight from our high level source.

With all of the anticipation surrounding our new, on-campus football stadium, conversation usually turns to capacity. Tulane has played their cards close to the chest so far, and for good reason as to not give any ammunition to the NIMBY groups proposing the IZD that would effectively end our bid for a new stadium. But with the IZD in the grave, we have gotten in contact with a high level source who can confirm to us today that official capacity of our new stadium is at 30,000. While the exact number of fixed seats is still being determined, Tulane Insiders has confirmed that the number of fixed seats will be between 26,000-28,500.The fixed seat capacity number, is fluid because of the multi-purpose areas, such as the extensive club level suite, an open air plaza at the top of the East side and the Party deck, where some fixed seats may be added. In any event, assurances have been given 30,000 can be accommodated, with only limited standing room counted in that number. There's been some legitimate debate over whether a 30,000 seat is exactly what the program needs or not, but let's leave that discussion for another day. We wanted to get at the bottom line number on seating to get some clarity on rumors that have been floating around fan circles and to get out the TRUTH for all Tulane fans. Stay tuned to Tulane Insiders for further information on stadium details.

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