Prince on His Readiness

UCLA's starting quarterback Kevin Prince talked Wednesday about the new injury he's getting through this week, facing Stanford, and the possibility that he could again be rusty...

Kevin Prince had a limited amount of throws in practice Wednesday due to a sore shoulder.

Because of the injuries, your back, your shoulder, do you feel like you have the arm strength to make the throws that you normally are able to, and do you think you'll be able to this week?

‘'Yeah, I feel fine. I can make all the throws I need to make and if I didn't feel comfortable with that then, you know, I wouldn't feel comfortable playing. But I feel confident I can make all of the throws.''

Are you feeling any pain in your shoulder today?

‘'Nah, I feel fine.''

What do you expect to see from Stanford's defense?

‘'We'll see. They obviously are kind of playing us a little bit. They declared themselves as a 3-4 team, but they didn't play that last week, so we're just prepared to play against both and whatever they present to us on that first drive, we'll adjust and make sure that we know what we're doing. But we're preparing for both the 3-4 and the 4-2-5 they ran against Sacramento State last week.''

Did you bang your shoulder on a sack? On a run? What happened?

‘'I just fell on it weird. Nothing bad. It was a little sore yesterday, felt fine today.''

How bad do you think the team wants to get back on the field on Saturday and fix some of the things that went wrong a week ago?

‘'Well, I know offensively that we're champing at the bit to go back out there and show people, you know, that's not us. That's not our offense. That's not what we do. Obviously, we're going to continue to try to improve that running game and then just do a total 180 on the passing game, and I know the defense is hungry to get back out there and hold Stanford down. We're just excited that we get a chance to play in front of our home crowd and have a conference game.''

Did the first couple of passes that were dropped, did that mess up the rhythm for a lot of the game?

‘'I don't want to say it messed up the rhythm for the game. It definitely messed up the rhythm for how we wanted to start. Our first drive, we always have a scripted amount of plays, and we weren't able to go to them. Those first two are ones that we use and then the third one we wanted to use we couldn't call because we were in a 3rd-and-10 situation. The way that we envisioned things going, it didn't go obviously the way we thought it would, and so we didn't get a chance to get to all the things we wanted to right away. Eventually we got to get to it, but that first drive, obviously it killed the momentum.''

How important is it for you to get out fast this Saturday?

‘'I think it's pretty important. You know, the first drives, whenever we've gone down and scored on our first drive, I remember Washington last year, we went right down the field and scored, and that was a huge momentum boost for us. It's just confidence on the sideline, for both the offense and the defense. It fires up the defense because they just want to go back out there and give us the ball back so we can do it again and for us it's just a confidence factor. It's just something that we're going to continue to strivfe for and make sure that we execute on that first drive.''

Sharpness was a little bit of an issue at Kansas State. Not getting a chance to throw these past two days, or not throw as much, how much of a factor is that?

‘'I don't think much at all. More than anything it's just a confidence factor, being back in the swing of things and getting a feel for everything, and I feel comfortable with what we're doing and I feel that I can make all of the throws on the field. I'm not so worried about that. I feel like I've been getting enough throws in and so come Saturday night it will be fine.''

Rick was saying you were on a pitch count today. Have they determined whether you will be on one tomorrow?

‘'Yeah, I guess we'll kind of see what they want to do when tomorrow comes. But tomorrow is a shortened down day anyway so I think I should be fine for tomorrow.''

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