Practice Notes, Neuheisel Quotes

Rick Neuheisel talked about the urgency of the team in getting a win against Stanford on Saturday, and about who will start at quarterback, while Kevin Prince was still limited in practice...

We are now doing a report from Thursday practice, but note that the practice are usually shorter and less involved, and the media is limited to just Coach Rick Neuheisel.

Neuheisel's opening statement:

‘'Good week of practice. You know, I think our guys understand the importance of the game, understand the chance to right the ship and some mistakes that cost us victory last week. We've got to make sure that we use the hours remaining prior to the kickoff to make sure that we've got ourselves mentally ready for the contest and that we're going to play much better than we did last week. That's what's pivotal. Young teams have to grow up fast and hopefully they will. I know they want to. It's up to us as coaches to show them the way. But I'm looking forward to the game. It should be a great night at the Rose Bowl and it's fun to play college football, so let's get it on.''

(Kevin) Prince starting?

‘'Yeah, absolutely.''

Are you expecting any other depth chart changes?

‘'No. I think the one thing that will change with the depth chart is more guys getting chances, you know, is my hope, that we get more guys in the game.''

Is there a decision on Seali'i Epenesa yet?

‘'Not to my knowledge. I'll have talked to Chuck (Bullough) and the defense and Todd (Howard) and we'll see exactly where we are. But he's available. That's a fact.''

Josh Smith, punt return?

‘'He'll be ready. I'm not sure. The situation will dictate.''

What is the situation, how do you work that?

‘'Well, a lot will depend on Josh's conditioning and how we feel about our return game. We'll just wait and see.''

You guys have had some success against Stanford at home. Can you play off any of that kind of stuff?

‘'You just hope that you play well at home. It's supposed to be a fun place to be and it certainly is for us. A week ago we had to overcome some obstacles that won't be obstacles this week, but still it requires great concentration, it requires great effort and it requires an energy that can last for four quarters and so that's what we've got to do. I think our guys are up to the task, it's now going out and doing it.''

How concerned are you about Prince being a bit limited this week?

‘'Well, you know, you're always concerned when your guys are not 100 percent. That's just part of football. Guys play that aren't 100 percent all the time, and we'll see how Kevin is and how he feels, but he's practiced all week. We rested him a little, but he's practiced all week and he'll be ready to go. I mean, there's nothing like the adrenalin of game day to make people feel better.''

Was he on a pitch count today, too?

‘'Yeah, exactly.''

Prince was limited in his throwing, but had some velocity on his throws, including the balls he threw down the field.
Richard Brehaut and Darius Bell ran the 1st and 2nd two-minute drills.
Seali'i Epenesa again got some work with the No. 1 defense at tackle. As Neuheisel said, no decision has been made on whether he will play, but he certainly has done enough in practice the past three days to merit some snaps.
Punter Jeff Locke, who has been wearing a sleeve on his left knee the past two days, practiced without it and looked fine kicking the ball.
No. 2 center Greg Capella still is struggling with the shotgun snaps. One in particular was very poor, bouncing back to the quarterback.

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