Prince On Trying to Improve

The starting quarterback Kevin Prince talked about his performance, what he's doing to try to improve, his health, and what a difference this week of practice could make...

Kevin Prince talked to us Tuesday after pratice.

There's an old cliché, over-thinking the room, as opposed to just letting the instincts take over. Are you doing that a little bit out there?

‘'I think Saturday night, yeah. That's something I was doing last year and that's when I struggled, so the plan this week is to just be a lot more calm and a lot more confident in what I'm doing and like you said, just play and let my instincts that over.''

You said that you're not panicking, that no one is panicking. There's a sense of urgency, no panic. You might not read any of the message boards, but some of the fans are panicking. What do you tell them?

‘'I mean, better times are coming. We're working as hard as we can here to fix everything. Fans are fans. You know, I've been a fan before. I'm a Lakers fan, so when things aren't going well for the Lakers, I start freaking out. But people don't know what's going on in the inner-circle of a team and so I guess for the fans, they should know that we're doing everything that we can and we're not going to stop until we get this thing right.''

Do you think they're over reacting?

‘'The fans? I don't know. Like you said, I don't read the message boards, so I have no idea what they're saying or what not. But fans are fans.''

What do you see in the Houston defense so far?

‘'I'm not going to get into any game plan stuff, but they're a 3-4 team, much like Stanford was, and they like to play a lot of zone type coverages, Cover 3, things of that nature, so I feel like we've got a good plan, maybe a little more … we've got some good stuff.''

How are you dealing with the one day you're the starter, the next day there's going to be a competition … is that tough to deal with?

‘'It is what it is and it's part of the business. You understand as a quarterback only one person can play on the field at one time, and when you're not playing well and not helping the team, you know, you've got to understand that it's the coach's job to put someone in there that can help the team. I believe, and obviously Coach Neuheisel and Coach Chow believe, that I can still help this team win and I've just got to go out there and get the job done.''

Are you surprised by how, like you were saying earlier, you got caught up in the game and things started moving fast?

‘'I don't know. I don't like to make excuses. I don't know why that happened, but it did. It is frustrating, because I have played a season and all that and I feel that those mistakes should be behind me. But you've just got to be humble and keep on learning and not get too frustrated, just keep on going.''

Were you able to draw on anything from last year to help you when that happened?

‘'You know, I just talked to Coach Neuheisel about a few things that helped me last year, and Coach Chow, they're helping me along with it and we'll continue to work on everything and build our confidence as a team and as an offense.''

How much difference do you think a full week of practice will make?

‘'We'll see. I think it will help a lot. Today was the first day, I think, that I've completed a full practice, not taking any reps off because something was sore or hurting. Mentally, it helps a lot to be able to know that I'm getting all of the reps and I'm not missing anything, so I think it will help a lot. We'll see obviously on Saturday.''

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