Flowers Wants to Narrow List

Hakeem Flowers, the 6-2, 180-pound wide receiver prospect from South Carolina, talked about how he's feeling some pressure to narrow his list and possibly make a commitment sooner than he expected...

Hakeem Flowers, the 6-foot-2, 180-pound three-star wide receiver from Wade Hampton High School in Greenville, S.C., says he's about a week away from narrowing his list of favorites to five, but he's close.

"LSU, UCLA, Oregon, Michigan State, East Carolina, Notre Dame, Oklahoma and Georgia Tech are all schools that I'm thinking about a lot lately," Flowers said. "I don't have a leader out of these schools and they're all in the mix pretty much right now – they're all recruiting me hard and really going after it.

"I should have my list narrowed down to five schools sometime by next week after I talk more with some of these coaches over the phone," he said. "I really want to try and see who's recruiting me the hardest and which school will benefit me the most. Probably by the time I have my top five I'll start setting up my official visits with schools.

"I'm mainly concerned with academics and how they'll make me successful in life," he said. "Playing time is also definitely important.

"But one thing is that all of these schools have already had some wide receivers commit lately," Flowers said. "I've been watching all that online and these schools are getting a lot of commitments, so it really just makes me want to end up committing to a school sooner because there's only so many schools that I like and a lot are getting close to their offer limit.

"Location isn't something that's really important to me and I just want to go to the school that's the right fit for me."

Flowers may have a lot on his mind with each program, but he's already targeted certain aspects of each that he knows will help him make a decision.

"I like a lot of things about these programs," he said. "LSU has a great program and great academics and I really like the coaching staff there and the big time atmosphere.

"The west coast schools are also in the mix for a few various reasons," he said. "UCLA is also one of those schools with a great atmosphere and it's a beautiful place and the school is nice. I like how they've got a big campus and I really think that coach (Rick) Neuheisel is a great coach along with the other guys on their staff – I like them all a lot.

"Oregon is also one of those schools that is recruiting me pretty hard especially with how far away I am," Flowers said. "It's also a great place too. Their recruiting coach even came all the way out here to see me. One thing that's really good is that their main receivers are going to be gone next year, and they don't really have anybody big coming up, so that's a plus for me.

"I also like Michigan State because their coaches have been cool throughout this entire process," he said. "I haven't been able to get up there, but I really like what those coaches have to say about the program.

"ECU is a school where I could go knowing that I have a lot of family members in the area," he said. "I've got a good relationship with their receivers coach and just like how I would be a good fit for their program and what they're looking for.

"Notre Dame is a school that I was really high on at first because they had no receivers who had committed," he said. "They've had a couple of recent commits though and I've been thinking a lot about that. But I still like them because they're a great program, with great alumni and from what I've heard they've got a pretty good atmosphere."

"And both Oklahoma and Georgia Tech have a great tradition of putting their receivers into the NFL," Flowers said. "I've already been out to both for unofficial visits, am really familiar with their coaching staffs and I feel I could get a good education at either one. I also like how if you're a main receiver at Georgia Tech, nine times out of ten you have a really good chance of going into the NFL."

Wade Hampton (4-0) will play Columbia High on Friday.

Flowers said he has about 20 catches for 700 yards and seven touchdowns this season.

He reports a 3.4 GPA and a 1010 SAT and a 21 ACT.

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