McReynolds Knows Three of Five

The #21-ranked defensive tackle in the nation, Kevin McReynolds, is still mulling over the last two schools that he'll visit officially, while already knowing the first three...

Kevin McReynolds, the 6-foot-3, 280-pound four-star defensive tackle from St. John's College in Washington, D.C., says Oregon, Arkansas and UCLA are among his top five, but says he won't announce his other two favorites until after the season.

"Your guess is about as good as mine when it comes to those final two schools," he said. "I know Oregon, Arkansas and UCLA are the three schools in my top five for sure though. I've already unofficially visited all three of the schools and spent a lot of time at them – at least a day or more at each.

"So I've already got certain feelings for how everything is at them," he explained. "I'm really comfortable with them and they all have great business schools, which is really what I'm looking for."

Despite knowing he's got three in the mix, none stand out above the rest.

"Yeah, I still don't have a leader right now," he said. "I mean I have 40 total offers, so my mind changes day-to-day. When this whole thing first started, I'd wake up with one school as my favorite, and that would change every day, and still does.

"The thing for me is just not feeling any pressure about it," McReynolds said. "I'm trying to focus on having a great year, and when it's time to make a decision, I'll make it. I've enjoyed this whole process so far and I'm just trying to figure out where I belong. I'm a firm believer that God will lead me to wherever I'm supposed to be."

McReynolds likes several things about Oregon, Arkansas and UCLA.

"Of course it's the facilities with Oregon," he said. "They've got a great business school and great academic help for their students. And I really like the respect and love the city there has for football. I also really like the uniforms, but in the end a jersey is a jersey and as long as I have my name and number on the back, it's just fine.

"Arkansas is a program that is doing excellent right now," McReynolds said. "And they've got a chance to knock off the No. 1 team in the country. I wouldn't sleep on them if I was Alabama. Plus, even their fans are crazy – I even get letters to my house from some of them and really don't know how they even have my address. It's just crazy.

"UCLA is the best academic school I've named out of these three," he said. "There's something about their name that is just huge. They've got some great coaching and a very experienced defensive line coach in Todd Howard who actually coached my defensive line coach at my high school, Jay Williams, who spent 12 years in the NFL with Miami."

St. John's College (1-2) plays Carrol High on Saturday.

McReynolds claims 15 total tackles, nine tackles for loss and two sacks so far this season.

He reports a 2.9 GPA and a 16 ACT.

"I retook the test earlier this month, but also didn't sign up for extra time and I still haven't gotten those scores yet," he said. "But I know I'll retake the ACT again on Oct. 23 and this time I signed up for extra time, so I should be fine.

"That's going to be a busy day for me because the test ends at 12:30 p.m. and I've got senior day and a game starting at 1 p.m."

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