Savage From the Locker Room

The senior offensive lineman, Darius Savage, talks about the Bruins running game against Washington State...

On answering offseason questions of the Offensive Line
As an offensive line you pride yourself on running the ball. That's the basis of a smashmouth football team and we pride ourself on that. We just took it upon ourselves, with Coach Palcic and Coach Chow, even going back to Coach Linn and his staff back in the summer, getting our bodies ready to be battering rams.

On passing more this game than against Texas
We just wanted to be a complete football team and I think we did that pretty well.

On two running backs going over 180 yards
It tells me we're doing our job. As an offensive line, we're the grimey type. We look for ourselves to be rewarded in our teammates and getting love from each other. That's all we need.

On the quick, 99-yard drive after the goal line stand
We expected it to be a long, grinded out drive. We knew we could go 99-yards, and we would. We looked (Richard) Brehaut in the eyes and said "man, we got you, just make the throws and we'll make the blocks.

On the backs making big runs
That's the pride and that's where it comes fun in being an offensive linemen. That's where it's fun 'lets get this long run, or let's get this 4th and 1".

On if they got complacent
We didn't get complacent at all. Washington State just came out and played with their hair on fire and you have to give them credit. You could watch it in the film, they just stepped up.

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