2 Mos. of Therapy for Price of One!

Hey, Bruin fans! Pissed off over the crushing loss to Oregon? Have nowhere to take out your frustration? We feel your pain. For the next few days, you can buy two months for the price of one on Bruin Report Online, and vent your frustrations on the BRO premium message boards with like-minded Bruins...

After UCLA's devastating loss to Oregon, are you taking out your anger on your co-workers, yelling at your wife and kicking your dog?

Here's some Bruin-oriented therapy for you that should hit the spot.

Buy a subscription to Bruin Report Online and get access to the BRO Premium Football Message Board. It's the equivalent of a Bruin therapy group, with like-minded and equally frustrated Bruin fans who understand. And it's the cheapest therapy around.

Because we feel your pain, we've decided to give you TWO months of a subscription for the price of one.

Sign up Here: Buy One Month Get a Second Free!

Of course, you'll get all the benefits of the subscription, and no other source brings you inside the UCLA football and basketball programs like BruinReportOnline.com. From recruiting to practice to the in-depth analysis, Bruin Report Online is your one-stop source for UCLA sports. You'll get video interviews with the players and coaches, highlight videos of UCLA's recruits, the fastest and most knowledgeable reporting from practice, and access to the entire Scout.com network, including all of the Pac-10 sites and the national recruiting sites.

And you get the famous BRO message boards, which have become well-known as the best place on the Internet to discuss UCLA football and basketball with other Bruin die-hards who know exactly how you're feeling and are ready to support you in your frustrated rant.

The promotion only goes through Tuesday, so take advantage of this offer to have a place to vent harmlessly, spare your kids and dog, and do no permanent damage to your marriage.

Once you sign up, you'll be billed after the 7-day FREE TRIAL for the first month, and then you'll get the second month FREE.

So, that's TWO MONTHS for $10.95. We are confident that after TWO MONTHS of therapy – uh, Bruin Report Online – and having a place to take out all your frustrations, you'll feel the need to stick around as a satisfied subscriber and patient. It's called maintenance therapy.

Remember, this offer is good through TUESDAY AT MIDNIGHT!

If you ever needed a reason to be in the company of other sympathic Bruins, this is the time. Click here to give it a try and select the monthly option:

TWO months for the price of One!

Your wife will thank you. She'll probably thank us.

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