McReynolds Still Deciding on Visits

The nation's #21-ranked defensive tackle in the nation, Kevin McReynolds from Washington, D.C., has one official visit set, thinks he knows the other two visits, but says if one program offers him it could "change things up"...

Kevin McReynolds, the 6-foot-3, 280-pound four-star defensive tackle from St. John's College in Washington, D.C., says he's put recruiting on the backburner for now while he focuses on his season, but still says his top three schools are UCLA, Oregon and Arkansas.

"No one is really coming out as a leader for me at this time," said's No. 20 defensive tackle. "Right now, I'm kind of keeping my options open because Florida is close to offering and if they do that will most likely change things up for me. It will definitely send things into a whirlwind for me.

"I know they want to see more film on me and I've had a bit of a problem getting film down there, so I really don't know what's going on with that, but I'll probably get them some film in the next couple of days," he said.

McReynolds says he'll be out at UCLA on Dec. 3 for an official visit, but has not set up any other concrete dates for the other schools in his list.

"I know I can go out to UCLA and play," he said. "I like how they've got this upset mentality and can upset teams. They're rebuilding right now too, and that tells me that I can go in and play right away. It's important for me to play early, but not too important – just something that I'm thinking about as an option."

The other two schools in his top three have a few other things in common as well.

"Oregon is on top right now," he said. "They've got some really good players and I kind of like how the BCS has them at No. 2, because as a No. 2 school there's not as much pressure on you as there is when you're a No. 1 school. That's a big deal. Plus they get kind of knocked every week from the BCS committee but they're still in the game.

"And with Arkansas, I just like how they're at a place where they could win a national championship or be on top of the SEC," he said.

With one trip already set with UCLA, McReynolds says he'll probably get out to Oregon and Arkansas, but also says his final two visits could come down to two of six schools.

"I'm still liking Rutgers, North Carolina, Maryland, Florida, Memphis, Syracuse and Arizona State," he said. "Those schools are in the running for my last two visits. They're schools whose coaches I've built good relationships with and schools that I just feel comfortable with. But I won't add my last two visits until after the season."

St. John's College (3-5) takes on O'Connell on Friday.

McReynolds says he's been sidelined with a high ankle sprain for the last three games, and plans on hitting the field in next week's game.

In five games played he says he's racked up around 30 tackles and 3.5 sacks.

He reports a 2.9 GPA and a 16 ACT and said he retook the test on Oct. 23.

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