Checking in with Flowers

Hakeem Flowers, the 6-2, 180-pound wide receiver prospect from South Carolina, has the same five schools on his list and only one official visit set...

Hakeem Flowers, the 6-foot-2, 180-pound three-star wide receiver from Wade Hampton High School in Greenville, S.C., still denies a leader but remains set with his top five schools – LSU, Oregon, Michigan, UCLA and Georgia Tech. All have offered.

"I haven't scheduled any visits yet except one (to Michigan in October) and I really don't have a leader at this time," Flowers said. "All these schools are in the mix for me right now, but once I get out to these schools, I'm sure someone will pop out as a leader.

"They're all pretty much recruiting me the same," he said. "And I've got to say, so far, I just really like all these programs and their coaches, and what they all have to offer. I think my decision will come down to mainly academics and depending on where I end up for visits, how I feel about the programs. But I do plan on going to all five of these schools for officials."

Flowers broke down what he likes about each top five favorite.

LSU: "I really like how they're playing this year," he said. "They've got the number one defense in the country and I think they've got the number four pass offense. But I still don't think they've played to their potential yet this season."

Oregon: "I definitely like the way they play," Flowers said. "They're playing some fantastic football. I like to watch their receivers and they do get the ball a good bit during games. I also like how they're ranked number one and really playing like a championship team right now."

Michigan: "I had a great time on my official visit out there last month (Oct. 16)," he said. "I really liked the stadium and the coaches, and I think they set a record for the most people they'd ever had at the stadium when I was there on my visit. I had a good time eating dinner with the coaches and really enjoyed them.

"I also had a great time hanging out with the players," Flowers said. "I think the most exciting person I met on that trip was Junior Hemingway (redshirt junior wide receiver). He was just great to talk to and was very open and honest about stuff.

"But overall, I'd give the trip an eight or nine out of 10. It was a great time, but the only thing for me was the cold. I'm just not used to the really cold, cold weather like they have there.

"But I do like how they've been getting the ball to their receivers quite a bit," he said. "I really like that and just how hard they play and the overall feeling on that team."

UCLA: "They've got some great players, but a lot of them are injured," Flowers said. "I think once they get some of their guys back, they have the potential to be a great team. Their players and coaches do not let up and that's a really good thing."

Georgia Tech: "I've scheduled an unofficial visit for Georgia Tech for Nov. 11," he said. "I would have made it an official visit, but the coaches told me that they are not allowing any official visits for all recruits for the entire month of November, but that they'll pick it back up again in December. I don't know what's up with that, and I really can't say if I'll end up taking that official visit in December.

"They don't throw the ball a lot but I'm used to that because my high school runs basically the same offense as theirs," he said. "I like how they get a lot of their receivers to the league and when you do get the ball there, you have a good chance at making a big play. And I'd like to perform like that for them one day."

Flowers says he'd like to get out to UCLA for an official visit on Dec. 4 but that he's not "100 percent sure on that right now."

"I also think that I'll get out to LSU and Oregon for official visits, but I don't have any dates set yet," he said.

Flowers has helped guide his team to a 9-1 record this season, and Wade Hampton will head into the first round of playoffs on Friday against Chester High School.

He says he has totaled around 40 catches for 875 yards and nine touchdowns.

Flowers reports a 3.4 GPA, a 1010 on the SAT and a 21 on the ACT with no plans to retake either test.

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