Hundley Looks Forward to UCLA

Chandler (Ariz.) quarterback Brett Hundley, UCLA's most important recruit and commit in the 2011 class, is eager to get started in Westwood...

Chandler (Ariz.) quarterback Brett Hundley saw his prep career with the Wolves come to an end in a heartbreaking playoff loss on Friday night.

"The season is over and it's been a real rough weekend, but defeat will happen, so it's about bouncing back," said Hundley. "There are some positives. I can take some time to recover and be ready for the UnderArmour Game."

The UnderArmour Game will be the last time Hundley suits up as a prepster. In fact, it will be one of the last things he does as a high school athlete. When he leaves Orlando, he'll head straight to Los Angeles, where he'll begin his time at UCLA.

"I graduate on December 16th, then the quarter starts at UCLA on January 4th. The game is on January 5th, so I get back and then start on the 10th," said Hundley. "I'm really looking forward to it. This is what can really define my life. I want to become the best and hopefully do it big in college. I think graduating early will be a big help, will really help tremendously, instead of me coming in within a week of spring ball. Graduating early, will let me get the system down and grasp the offense."

Hundley committed to UCLA on Labor Day, and has stuck with his commitment despite an up and down season. The only game he attended this year was the Bruins' debacle against Stanford, but all that did, and this season has done, has made Hundley more eager to get to Westwood.

"I think the pistol is going to really fit my talents as a quarterback," said Hundley. "It's a new offense, but they'll be on the fast track to a real good offense. Of course, I would love to play as a freshman. That's why I wanted to graduate early, so I can get in there and compete in the spring and hopefully make an impact. You have to compete. Competition only brings out the best in a player. As long as I keep working, I think I can help the offense, and that in turn helps the defense."

Hundley said he talks with the Bruin coaches on a consistent basis.

"I always talk to Coach (Rick) Neuheisel and Coach (Reggie) Moore, and Coach Norm Chow a couple of times a week," said Hundley.

With Kevin Prince out for the season with a knee injury and Richard Brehaut now in command of the Bruins offense, there may not be a clear cut leader of the offense come spring, which is where Hundley would like to show his mettle.

"When I committed, I didn't know that Kevin Prince would end up getting hurt and that Richard Brehaut would end up the quarterback," said Hundley. "I committed because UCLA was the best fit for me. But now the quarterback competition could be open so you just have to go in with the mindset that you're ready to compete and keep working."

Hundley will get to see the Bruins final two regular season games, seeing them when they visit Arizona State, near his Chandler home, the day after Thanksgiving, and then the following weekend, when he takes his lone official trip, to UCLA, to see the Bruins host USC.

"I know some of the guys already at UCLA and met some of the freshman, so I'm looking forward to my visit," said Hundley. "I know a couple of other guys that are looking at UCLA that I'm talking to. I'll see some of them at the UnderArmour game too."

Hundley said he was glad to play his senior year without recruiting hanging over his head.

"We talked about that before the season started," said Hundley. "This decision is really one you need to make early, going into your senior year. I wanted to make sure it was not going to distract the season and I didn't want to be a distraction."

Hundley said he's eager to see how he fits into the Pistol.

"I want to say they were already switching into the Pistol when they first offered me, but I didn't have a clue of what the Pistol was," said Hundley. "Now that they've switched, I've watched it and I'm really excited about it. We run a similar offense at Chandler, and it really utilizes my strengths. The offense will be really utilize both my arms and legs and I think UCLA's future is really good. They've had a lot of great classes come in and some really good young talent. I know they have the talent to compete with the best."

Hundley put up over 2,400 yards passing and ran for over 1,000 yards.

"I think the quarterback in the offense is like a point guard, and where all the production starts," said Hundley. "At Chandler, we run the spread so I'm already making all the reads."

Hundley said he is also looking forward to the future of the conference.

"When they were talking about the divisions, it wasn't a big concern where UCLA and the Arizona schools were going to be. My mom is a flight attendant so they can get to games, but it's a nice thing we'll be playing in Arizona every year," said Hundley. "I think the Pac-10, or the Pac-12 I should say, holds some of the greatest schools in college sports. With Utah coming in, USC is a great school, Stanford is a great school. And then of course, UCLA is the great school. I think the Pac-10 is really going to compete with the SEC as the best conference in the country."

But before Hundley heads to Westwood, he'll use the next few weeks to recover from his senior year before he heads to the Sunshine State over the new year.

"That will be real fun down there in Florida and a really cool deal," said Hundley.

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