Bracey Wright's List is Expanding

The high-scoring wing guard from Texas, Bracey Wright, has proven he's a top 20 national player this spring by lighting up a few tournaments across the country. UCLA is among his list of leaders...

Bracey Wright, 6-3 JR SG, The Colony (Tex.) High, is proving to be one of the best scoring wing guards in the country this spring. So, it's no wonder that his list of potential college is expanding rather than shrinking.

[Because of some very interesting comments from Wright, I thought it best to do this interview in a Q&A style]

BRO: So what schools are you considering?
Wright: I like Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Maryland, Notre Dame and UCLA.

BRO: I had read in other interviews that you might have been down to Tennessee, Notre Dame and UCLA. It looks like you're adding schools to your list.
Wright: Sure. I'm hearing more from them now. Kentucky has always been there. Indiana, I started to hear from more after I played in the tournament in Bloomington (Memorial Day weekend). Maryland came on toward the end of my school year.

BRO: Would you say you have a favorite?
Wright: (After a long pause) You know, I really don't have a favorite. I like them all right now.

BRO: Every school you're considering is out of state. So, you want to leave home?
Wright: I do. I want to go away right now.

BRO: How does your family feel?
Wright: (Laughing) They want me to go away, too.

BRO: You have listed UCLA. What is it that has you interested in the school?
Wright: They started recruiting me real hard in the middle of my high school season. They came down to the school. Coach Saia did. He's a nice guy. It's a real nice school. I've been checking it out on the Internet. I don't know too much about it, though. And I don't know if I'd fit in there.

BRO: What do you mean, that you feel you wouldn't fit in?
Wright: Well, they have Cedric Bozeman, and I was told he was more of a two-guard. And Andre Patterson.

BRO: You were told that Bozeman and Patterson are two guards?
Wright: Well, Bozeman. And I don't know what Patterson is.

BRO: Who told you that?
Wright: Some reporter guy, like you.

BRO: Do you remember who it was?
Wright: No. He called today just before you did. I can't remember his name. I think he said he was from the Boston area.

BRO: And he told you that Bozeman was a two-guard?
Wright: Yeah. Is that wrong?

BRO: Bracey, I'm not going to say anything about it. There's only one thing you should ever believe when a recruiting reporter tells you anything.
Wright: What's that?

BRO: Don't believe anything a recruiting reporter tells you.
Wright: (Laughs). Well, that doesn't make much sense.

BRO: But you know what I mean.
Wright: Yeah.

BRO: Okay, so how are you academically? What's your core GPA?
Wright: I really don't know what my GPA is. I scored a 20 on the ACT, though.

BRO: Estimate what your GPA is.
Wright: Around a 3.0.

BRO: So you'll be fine when it comes to qualifying.
Wright: Yeah, I shouldn't have a problem.

BRO: You recently played in a tournament in Vegas. How'd you do?
Wright: Pretty good. I scored 27 points a game.

BRO: You played against Westchester High and went up against Hassan Adams.
Wright: Yeah. Me and Hassan are friends.

BRO: How'd you do against him?
Wright: Well, I mainly was guarded by Brandon Heath. I really didn't go up against Hassan.

BRO: You'll be playing for Team Texas all summer?
Wright: I'm first going to the Nike All-Star Camp. And then to the AAU Nationals. If our team does well we could play in the Nike Global Challenge.

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