Heating up with Howland?

More and more sources are indicating that the deal to bring Pittsburgh's Ben Howland to UCLA as its next head basketball coach is getting closer to being done...

There are many sources now indicating that Pittsburgh's Ben Howland is getting closer to being the next UCLA head basketball coach.

There have been reports on how Howland met with UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero in Howland's hometown of Santa Barbara over the weekend. It's the first meeting that Guerrero has had with a prospect candidate.

Many other sources are now weighing in on the Howland-to-UCLA issue.

One source indicated that Howland has flown back to Pittsburgh to specifically "talk to his team."

Another source close to the situation said: "It's Ben Howland's job if he wants it."

Frank Burlison of FoxSports.com reported that there has been no formal offer, and that any prospective candidate would have to meet UCLA Chancellor Albert Carnesale before an offer was tendered.

But many close to the situation believe that could just be a formality and that Howland is in the process of accepting the UCLA job.

At the very least, most sources believe that Guerrero and Howland had a very positive meeting and that Howland is now in Pittsburgh to potentially weigh his options.

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