Notes for Under Armour and U.S. Army has a team of reporters at the practices of both the ESPN Under Armour All-American Game and U.S. Army Bowl, and here are their comments about UCLA prospects today...

From the U.S. Army Bowl practices:

-- Wayne Lyons moved around a bit (in the defensive secondary). He seemed like more of a true safety, but did do well in man-to-man coverage. He is very physical and was praised by the coaches for his aggressiveness and ability to re-route receivers at the line. -- Allen Trieu

-- Tobias Singleton is a big body for the East quarterbacks to look to. He had a good, solid showing in the morning. Singleton dropped a couple he let get into his body, but he has a good frame and can run for a bigger kid. -- Trieu

-- The linebacker corps is mightily impressive coming off of the bus. Colt Lyerla is as good looking specimen that I have ever seen in the game. He has long arms and is super rangy for an OLB, and looks more like a DE. -- Greg Powers

-- The defensive back unit has a lot of depth and many of the guys look like they could play safety or corner. The three guys who jumped out to me the most are Stefan McClure, Charles Jackson and De'Anthony Thomas. McClure and Jackson were the most solid in coverages and Thomas might have the highest upside. The best battles all morning may have been between McClure and receiver George Farmer. -- Powers

From the ESPN Under Armour All-American Game practices:

-- I never heard of (Brett Hundley) before this week but he's been the most impressive of the six QBs here at Under Armour workouts. -- Mike Bakas

-- Ditto for me. I had not really seen much of him but he has been the most impressive quarterback that I have seen down here. He's the most impressive QB that I have seen all year. -- Bob Lichtenfels

-- Devon Blackmon showed the ability to separate from a defender. Used his hands to catch the ball and that has been an issue with a lot of the Red team. He went over the middle a few times and caught the ball well in traffic. -- Lichtenfels

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