Top Five for a Top Junior

As one of the top 40 prospects in the nation for 2012, 6-7 power forward William Goodwin from Georgia is in demand, and at the moment five schools stand out for him...

As a four-star prospect and top 40 player in the nation it is no surprise that William Goodwin is one of the most heavily recruited power forwards in the country. Goodwin, who is simply known as "Shaq" to his friends, is also an excellent football prospect, and that has his phone ringing quite often. Still at the moment Goodwin has a feel for his recruitment and certain schools stand out.

So far things are going well for Goodwin on the basketball court. A recent snowstorm in the Atlanta area did slow him down some, but outside of that the production has been consistent for the power forward.

"We are doing pretty good," explained Goodwin of his season. "We are 9-3 now. We have to make up a game because of the snow, but I am looking forward to getting back out there. I have been averaging 19 (points) and 11 (rebounds) per game. I am trying to get those numbers up. They have gone down a little bit since the beginning of the season."

As a big man who gets roughly 20 and 10 every night the basketball coaches are all showing Goodwin a lot of love, and that is happening as well due to his football exploits. For Goodwin he just balances the two sports and has fun with it all.

"It is pretty fun," said Goodwin. "You get to take what you learn from the football field and bring it to the basketball court. I want to play both in college. Whichever school I go to play basketball, I also will want to play football."

While there is no shortage of schools interested in Goodwin, he says that five schools currently standout in his recruitment.

"My top schools are Memphis, UCLA, Georgia, Tennessee, and Miami," said Goodwin.

One big factor in Goodwin's recruitment could be his teammates with the Atlanta Celtics. Goodwin says that three of them have all talked about playing together in college.

"Me and my other teammates, Damien Wilson and Jordan Adams, we would like to go to school together, so we are talking to those schools," Goodwin explained.

Whether a package deal can end up working out is a long way from being decided, but on an individual level Goodwin knows what he will be looking for when it is time to select a college.

"My mom and my coach they have to approve of the school, and it has to be where my family can come watch the game anytime," said Goodwin. "Also it has to be a school that is strict on academics because education is important, and somewhere where I can come in and play."

For now Goodwin is simply in the information gathering process and is looking hard at the schools recruiting him. Even though it is coming from all angles because of football as well as basketball, Goodwin is keeping a level head and just enjoying everything.

"I try not to think about that much," said Goodwin of his recruiting. "I really don't pay too much attention to it and I try to just pay attention to my team. I let my mom and my coach handle most of it."

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