Visit Leaves Impression on Fonoti

Cerritos (Calif.) College offensive tackle Fou Fonoti had a good visit to the hometown school and it moves them to the forefront of his recruitment...

Cerritos (Calif.) College offensive lineman Fou Fonoti is four trips down, with one to go.

A visit to UCLA this weekend leaves just a visit to Rutgers remaining, then some time before he makes a decision.

"I will decide before Signing Day, but I'm saying Signing Day just to have some breathing room," said Fonoti.

The trip to Westwood was an easy one for Fonoti, but an important one nonetheless.

"I got there and it was awesome," said Fonoti. "I had a real good time and liked it a lot. I had went to a camp out there when I was in high school and probably seen the campus a couple of times but this was my first time really seeing it."

Prior to the trip, the Bruins were in the second tier for Fonoti, but the visit pushed them to the forefront.

"It was between Michigan State and Arizona, but this visit has definitely put UCLA up there as one of my favorites," said Fonoti.

Fonoti had visited Michigan State and Arizona, as well as Washington State previously.

"My host was Wade Yandall, and I also talked with Eddie Williams and Micah Kia," said Fonoti. "I talked a lot with Eddie, because he was a juco guy like me and he is a prime example that juco guys can make it big."

Fonoti said he went into the visit with an open mind.

"I just wanted to go out there, and get a feel for it, and feel how it would be close to home," said Fonoti. "It's not too close and not too far. I just wanted to go and enjoy myself."

He spent time with several UCLA coaches.

"I talked a lot with Coach Chow and spoke with Coach (Bob) Palcic a lot and we had dinner with Coach (Rick) Neuheisel," said Fonoti.

He also talked with new quarterback Brett Hundley.

"I met him, and he's a real good guy, really humble and well spoken," said Fonoti. "He was like 'I want you blocking for me' but he didn't want to pressure me."

Fonoti also was joined by his mother and older sister.

"That was really nice to have them there and I was happy that they could see it too," said Fonoti. "My mom said she'll support me in my decision, but she said it would be nice to have me close by."

This week, Fonoti will have Michigan State and Rutgers in for in-home visits.

He'll have three years to play two when he signs.

Brandon is in his sixth year with, currently as the West Regional Manager. Prior to joining Scout, he spent three years as an o-line and tight ends coach in the high school ranks.
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