Mike Johnson on UCLA's Campus

Mike Johnson, the former offensive coordinator with the San Francisco 49ers, is seen on UCLA'S campus Monday. There is more to the story so read on...

Mike Johnson is being introduced around campus today as a new addition to the football coaching staff, according to sources.

The former offensive coordinator of the San Francisco 49ers, Johnson was seen taking a tour of some of the footbal facilities, and meeting many of the current players.

Johnson lost his position as 49er OC when head coach Mike Singletary was fired. It was Johnson's first experience as an OC, having previously been a quarterbacks coach and a receiver coach in the NFL for 9 seasons. He was the quarterbacks coach with the Atlanta Falcons when Michael Vick was there.

Johnson coached with UCLA's Rick Neuheisel while Neuheisel was with the Baltimore Ravens.

As we learn more about Johnson's hiring we'll report it here on Bruin Report Online.

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