Matua Dominates

Fred Matua, the highly-sought lineman from Los Angeles Banning, talked to us about his choice of colleges, the pros and cons about staying or leaving home, and what are some of the big factors for him in his decision...

Fred Matua, 6-2, 277, Los Angeles (Calif.) Banning, took a little road trip to the Student Sports Nike Camp at Stanford, and further cemented his position as one of the best defensive linemen in the country.

Matua, who said he'd prefer to play defensive tackle since "it suits my personality better," not only tested well, but looked strong, aggressive and quick in the line drills. What is also impressive about the young man is how intense and all-business he is about football.

"I take it very seriously," Matua said. "You have to get down to business when you're out here."

When it comes to colleges, Matua said he has two sets of lists, and looks at his recruiting as a dichotomy. "I have the list of schools if decide to stay home, and that's UCLA and USC," he said. "If I go out of state, I like Florida, Miami, Notre Dame and Ohio State."

What are his chances of leaving SoCal? "I'd like to leave," he said. "If it were just me, I'd leave. But it will mean so much to family for me to stay close to home and for them to see me play. So, since it means a lot to them it means a lot to me. I'll be the first in my family to go to college, so it's a big thing."

When talking about his two local options, does he have a way he's leaning? "Some days I wake up and I'm leaning toward UCLA. Other days I wake up and I like USC. That's how it is right now for me."

Big Fred says he has a 3.8 GPA and just recently took the SAT and doesn't have his score back yet.

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