Student Sports Nike Camp at Stanford

It was definitely one of the best camps for quarterbacks so far this year, with two of the best in the country, Ben Olson and Trent Edwards, showing their talents. Fred Matua also garnered a lot of attention, showing why he's one of the best DL prospects in the nation...

Quarterback Ben Olson from Thousand Oaks made the 350-mile trek to the Student Sports Nike Camp at Stanford and it definitely paid off. Olson was one of the best all-around athletes at the camp, measuring at 6-5 (6-4 ½ actually) and 205 pounds. He ran a 4.65 40 and recorded a 4.14 shuttle, which is exceptional for someone his size. Many coaches watching the drills thought he had the best feet in the agility drills - not only among quarterbacks but among every player in the camp.

Then, when Olson stepped up to throw in the passing drills, he removed any doubt of whether he was merely an athlete. A lefty, Olson threw darts, showing great arm strength and accuracy. He also displayed great footwork and quickness.

Olson could possibly emerge as the #1 quarterback prospect in the country as a result of his performance at the camp.

Trent Edwards from Los Gatos was clearly the other elite quarterback prospect. Edwards measured at 6-3 and had a 31-inch vertical. Edwards has a bit of a slimmer frame, especially next to Ben Olson's big shoulders. But Edwards definitely proved himself in the passing drills, with arm strength and accuracy comparable to Olson's.

Ryan O'Hara, the skinny 6-6 prospect from Muir (having transferred from Monrovia) surprised many with a very nice performance. O'Hara ran a 4.6 40 and a very quick 3.97 shuttle, which is probably the fastest shuttle for anyone 6-6. In passing the ball, O'Hara has a little bit of a wrap around throwing motion, but he threw a strong, tight ball. At only 183 pounds, if O'Hara could gain some weight and strength he could definitely be a nice college quarterback.

Drew Olson from Piedmont measured at 6-2 and 182. Olson is similar to Edwards in build, being slender-framed, but has a little more bulk to him than Edwards. Olson looks raw as a quarterback, in his footwork, mechanics and throwing motion. That rawness leads to some inconsistency - on one throw he's accurate and looks somewhat polished, but on the next the ball's knuckling. Olson seemed to get more comfortable as the day wore on and threw more consistently by the end.

Antwuan Smith, the standout wide receiver prospect from Clovis Buchanon, didn't show. That only allowed others to step up and take more of the spotlight.

The other big-named wide receiver besides Smith that did show was Daniel Coats from Layton (Utah) Northridge. Coats measured at 6-3, and had a good body. He ran in the 4.6 range in the 40, which isn't blazing fast, but in the passing drills Coats showed a great ability to use his body for leverage and good hands.

Probably one of the biggest "discoveries" of the camp was Blake Mackey from Bakersfield. Sources said that Mackey, a track star, had a very good junior year in football. He said he had been concentrating a lot on track this spring and hadn't touched a football in months. I didn't get the height recorded for him, but he looked 6-2, and ran what I was told was the best 40 time of the day, in 4.38. Mackey looked quick in the drills and then showed talent in the passing drills. When Mackey made a cut, he separated from his defender incredibly quickly, and there wasn't a defender who could stay with him upfield. Combine that with what looked like good hands, and Mackey looks like a big-time prospect.

David Gray from Oakland McClymonds had a good showing. Gray looked to be about 6-2 and had a nice body, which he used well in the passing drills.

With so much attention being drawn to the quarterbacks and wide receivers at this camp, it was difficult to spend time watching the running backs. Kenny James, the running back from Dos Palos, looked good - quick and agile, though small. Curtis Brown from Lancaster (Calif.) Paraclete was in attendance but I didn't personally see him. Glenn Ohaeri from San Bernardino (Calif.) Aquinas, fared well, but could be end up a defensive back prospect. Sophomore Derric Williams from Bellflower (Calif.) St. John Bosco, who has said in the past he likes UCLA, had a good showing.

Among the elite of the camp was DL/OL Fred Matua from Los Angeles Banning. Matua measured at 6-2 and weighed in at 277. While he said he had an off-day, he put up 34 reps on the bench and jumped 24 inches. In the line drills, he looked great, physically dominating his opponent while showing great quickness and aggressiveness. The thing about Matua is that he's all business; he was very serious the entire day, preparing for the bench press like it was a science and being very intense during the line drills.

Derek Landri from Concord De La Salle had a good showing. I didn't get the stats on Landri, but he looked to be about 6-3 and 275 pounds or so. He had good feet in the drills and looked well-coached.

Jake Kuresa from Hyrum (Utah) Moutain Crest also looked like a nice prospect. Eye-balling, he looked about 6-3 and 280ish. He also looked strong physically in the drills and used his body well.

Tom Hoffart from Davis, California looked like a nice defensive end prospect. Hoffart, the little brother of current UCLA basketball walk-on John Hoffart, appeared to be about 6-4 and 240 and handled himself well in the drills.

Speaking of UCLA connections, Robin Kezirian also was a late addition to the camp. Kezirian, the nephew of UCLA's Assistant Director of Academic Services, Ed Kezirian and the cousin of current UCLA tight end, Blane Kezirian, looked to be about 6-4 and 260 or so.

Other linemen who looked like potentially good prospects were Paris Hodge, 6-5, 300, Fairfield (Calif.) Vanden; Thomas Patton, 6-3, 250, Oakland (Calif.) Tech; Daniel Zynn, 6-3, 275, Pasadena (Calif.) High, and a player who was a late sign-up for the camp, OL prospect Albert Toeaina, 6-6, 310, Pittsburg (Calif.) High, who looked huge and agile for his size.

Sophomore defensive end prospect Chris Barrett, 6-4, 225, Tustin (Calif.) High, was a true stud, passing the eye-ball test as well as the looking agile in the drills. Barrett has been to UCLA's practices in the past.

Chris Frome, who was scheduled to be in attendance, was a no-show, as was another big defensive end from Arizona, Loren Howard.

The stat king for the camp - and possibly for all of the Nike camps - was linebacker Brandon Hancock from Clovis West. Hancock, 6-1, 240, put up an astonishing 43 reps on the bench, which is easily among the new best this year nationally. He also ran a 4.49 40 and jumped 39 inches in the vertical.

Scott Garrison, a linebacker/fullback prospect, measured at 5-11 and weighed 209 pounds. Many of the more well-known linebacker prospect also looked pretty small, such as Matt Logue from Grass Valley (Calif.) Bear River, and Sean Hinton from Thatcher (Ariz.) High. A kid who didn't line up with the linebackers but could end up one is Ricky Miller from Tustin. Miller considers himself a running back, and very well might project as a fullback on the next level. He was 6-3, 225, did 17 reps on the bench and jumped 29 inches in the vertical. I didn't get the stats on linebacker prospect Kyle Goodman, a linebacker prospect from Clovis West Buchanon, but heard reports that he did well for the day.

Among the DBs, Jerrod Page, a corner prospect from San Leandro (Calif.) High, had one of the best performances. Page, 6-0, 185, jumped 35 inches in the vertical and ran a 4.5 40 and a 4.21 shuttle. He also looked very good in the one-one-one drills.

Other good-looking defensive backs were Vince Mays from Sacramento (Calif.) Johnson; Marquise Cole, Fairfield (Calif.) Vanden, and I'Lario Vital, Oakland McClymonds.

Two big-named DBs, Aaron Miller from Fresno Edison and Dominic Dixon from Seattle (Wash.) O'Dea, were no-shows.

I'll have recruiting updates on many of the elite players from the camp very soon. Also, Greg Biggins will be contributing reviews of the camp, along with the camp's stats, in the next several days.

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