White Explains Wild Wednesday

The Lakewood (Calif.) offensive tackle, Torian White, talks about flipping between UCLA and USC and then back again on a wild National Signing Day for him...

One of the wildest parts of Signing Day was Lakewood (Calif.) offensive tackle Torian White, a longtime commit to UCLA, announcing for USC during the Fox Sports High School Spotlight Show then faxing his letter-of-intent to UCLA.

Having come full circle, a week after the matter, White talked about what happened.

"I didn't really go in (to the studio) with a plan," said White. "I went with who I thought would be the best, what my family was saying and trying to listen to them. But in the end, it ended up not being where I wanted to go."

White left the studio at 1:30 and talked with USC about his decision.

"I told them I chose them and they were excited and of course they were happy," said White.

Yet White was still torn.

"But I wasn't happy with the decision that I made," said White.

So just before 4 p.m., White called UCLA coach Rick Neuheisel and told him of his plans.

"I called Coach Neuheisel and told him that I was switching back to UCLA and he was relieved and really excited," said White. "So was Coach (Bob) Palcic. He was saying he didn't believe I switched back to UCLA until he saw the fax. But he understood."

White said his Facebook and phone blew up when he chose the Trojans.

"There were people that were just wondering what happened, and were really confused with my decision," said White. "Some of the (UCLA) commits were asking what happened and what made me switch."

The more he got away from it, the more he was being pulled back to UCLA.

"With UCLA, I just had that feeling where my heart was leaning towards them," said White. "I had to explain that I'm going to be the one going to the school that I choose. I can't make a decision for other people. Other people aren't going to the school. Ultimately, it had to be my decision." Now that his letter is faxed and the coaches are done calling, White said he's glad to be finished with the process.

"I'm really happy and definitely glad to be done with this," said White. "It was just a different experience. I mean, it was good to go through it and I'm blessed that I did have the opportunity to go through it. But I was ready for it to end."

Set to enroll in June, White said now he'll enjoy the remainder of his senior year.

"I'm playing volleyball right now and it's my first year so I'm going to give it a little try," said White. "It helps me stay in shape."

At 275, White said he wants to put some more weight by the time he gets to Westwood.

"I haven't talked with Coach Neuheisel or Coach Palcic yet about the right weight they want me at, but I'm trying to stay in shape and just doing a lot of running and cardio work and lifting weights. I want to be around 280, what I was during the season. I'll play on either side of the line, depending on how things work."

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