VIDEO: Badger Lineman Challenge

Las Vegas, Calif. - Director of Scouting Scott Kennedy posts highlights and commentary of the top linemen in attendance at the Badger Lineman Challenge.

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OL Jordan Simmons (6'5/325) 
Crespi Carmelite
Encino, Calif.

The highest rated of the linemen in attendance, Simmons did not disappoint. A tackle for his Crespi team, Simmons projects best as an offensive guard, and that was where he had the most success lining up during the 1v1s on Saturday and Sunday. He's mammoth player that can handle the strongest of bull rushes. When he got in trouble was when he'd over extend and reach for a player, getting off balance and letting a quicker, smaller end get around him. When he'd use his athleticism and trust his base and let a player come to him, he was virtually unbeatable.

Jordan Simmons - *

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OL Johmel Charles (5'10/240)
Compton, Calif. 

If we were ranking players rather than prospects, Charles would have been the runaway MVP of the linemen. He has terrific feet, a solid center of gravity, quick hands, and a strong base. He's just on the smaller side. He was so technically sound that he had little trouble lining up inside and negating the strength of 300 pounders who made the mistake of believing they could overpower the smaller Charles. Charles is going to have a tough time getting looks at the BCS level, but he's a player that could go 1AA and become an All-American.

Johmel Charles -

OL Jeremiah Poutasi (6'5.5/320)
Desert Pines
Las Vegas, Nev.

Massive Jeremiah Poutasi is just beginning to learn how good he can be. Incredibly light on his feet for his size, Poutasi is still undisciplined in his technique and was beaten handily by some of the quicker defensive linemen that knew how to use their hands to get Poutasi off balance or set him up for a speed rush. But when it came to the combination of size and quickness, Poutasi was head and shoulders above his linemates. He's not the best player right now, but it wouldn't be a surprise if five years from now, he's the most coveted lineman by NFL Scouts of the players that attended the Vegas camp.

Jeremiah Poutasi -

OL Brandon Fanaika (6'3/295)
Pleasant Grove
Pleasant Grove, Utah

Fanaika is a two way lineman in high school, but his best position appears to be on the offensive line. He has very good size for an interior lineman and his quick to use his hands to steer a rushing end. He has very good feet and keeps a solid base while he's moving. He has the quickness of an offensive tackle with the build and tenacity of a guard.

Brandon Fanaika -

OL Gus Lavaka (6'4/305)
Kearns, Utah

Lavaka has a wrestling background and it showed itself quickly in the one on ones as he was adept at playing with leverage and grappling in tight spaces. It takes incredible balance and quick feet to be a standout wrestler, and couple those attributes with a 300 pound frame and a standout interior lineman is born. Lavaka used his hands as well as any of the offensive linemen in attendance.

Gus Lavaka -

OL Nick Ziegenbein (6'6/295)
Phoenix, Ariz.

Conservatively listed at 6'6, Ziegenbein was the tallest of the players in attendance. He played with decent leverage despite his height disadvantage in close quarters. Ziegenbein has quick feet and a huge frame. As his core strength and flexibility improves, he will become and intriguing prospect to watch.

Nick Ziegenbein -

DL Vaha Vainuku (6'3/295)
Salt Lake City, Utah

The offensive linemen outnumbered the defensive linemen in attendance leaving plenty of reps on the defensive side of the ball. Vaha Vainuku was virtually unblockable, and all of the linemen got a shot at him. His burst off the ball had him in the chest of offensive linemen before they could get set, and his hands were so quick that a powerful punch to the chest knocked even the biggest of the linemen off balance and backwards. 

Vaha Vainuku -

DL Hunter Dimick(6'4/240)
Syracuse, Utah

Hunter Dimick was another player whose burst off the ball caught most of the offensive linemen off guard. He was able to beat most of the offensive tackles from his end spot with pure speed. He'd explode with a first step, push the offensive lineman's hands away and be past him before the blocker had a chance to recover. He has a good frame to keep adding weight and could move inside one day.

Hunter Dimick -

DL Jaylen Ruiz '13 (6'4/260)
San Joaquin Memorial
Fresno, Calif.

The defensive lineman with the highest upside was Class of '13 member Jaylen Ruiz. Ruiz is a lean 6'4 and 260 pounds and showed the quickness and versatility to play defensive end, tackle, or offensive line. His quickness was too much for the tackles and his reach and power gave the interior linemen trouble. His highlight reel includes matchups against Simmons, Charles, and Poutasi among others, and while he didn't win all of his matchups against the older players, he beat each of them at least once...sometimes more.

Jaylen Ruiz '13 -

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