Notes from Tuesday's Practice

A head coach of a Pac-12 team watches practice, the quarterbacks struggle, the defense has a good session, a new name works with the #1 defensive line and more...

Safety Tony Dye did not practice because of the left knee injury and Coach Rick Neuheisel said it was more significant than originally thought. Dye had a MRI on Tuesday and they should know more about his status for the rest of the spring on Wednesday.

Tight end John Young and linebacker Todd Golper also were held out of practice.

Anthony Barr did his individual work with the running backs, but in 7 on 7 and team periods he lined up as a running back and as an F-back.

Kevin Prince, who has been cleared to throw 7 on 7s, was held out again. He said he is fine physically. Richard Brehaut, Brett Hundley and Nick Crissman got the reps in 7 on 7.

There were some changes up front – Iuta Tepa was with the No. 1 defense and Datone Jones was working with the No. 2 defense. Donovan Carter also was with the No. 1s at tackle. Defensive coordinator Joe Tresey said they were just switching things up.

Jon Embree, father of receiver Taylor Embree, watched practice. Of course, he also is the new coach at Pac-12 rival Colorado ...

The defense had a really sharp practice. The offense, not so much. Brehaut and Hundley were not particularly sharp with their throws in 7 on 7 or in team.

They did a red zone 7 on 7 that went like this...

Brehaut with the No. 1s: Incomplete pass intended for a wide open Josh Smith. There was a big window to get the ball through, but the throw was well behind Smith; incomplete pass intended for Barr, which was high and broken up by Sheldon Price; incomplete pass intended for Nelson Rosario, which should have been picked off by linebacker Jordan Zumwalt – it went right through his hands.

Hundley with the No. 2s: Incomplete pass intended for Randall Carroll, broken up by Tevin McDonald.

Brehaut with the No. 1s: Incomplete pass intended for Joe Fauria, which was knocked away and could have been picked off by linebacker Isaiah Bowens.

They ended the practice with a live period, the offense working out from deep in its own territory. It was pretty sloppy, though Jordon James was able to break two plays, the first a run left where he was wrangled down by Price after a gain of about 40 yards and the second a short pass that he turned into a touchdown with the help of a block by Ricky Marvray.

Brett Hundley also had a nice run off a zone read. But for the most part, the defense did most of the damage. It didn't start great – Cassius Marsh jumped offsides on the first play – but the offense ended up making more mistakes down there. Guard Wade Yandall had a false start with the No. 2s, Anthony Barr had a false start and there was one more false start in the backfield.

Center Kai Maiava looked like he tweaked his left ankle in the live period.

The defense, which was hopping around pretty good throughout the practice, had nice some plays made by Datone Jones and by Isaiah Bowens, both crushing Jordon James on separate plays.

Marsh got into another scrap during team – he lost his helmet, but didn't leave practice.

Rosario actually had a pretty solid day. Early in practice, working against Aaron Hester in man-to-man, he had one of those one-handed catches he sometimes makes even though Hester had great coverage on the play. And, this might seem like a small thing, but in 7 on 7 he was wide open deep and came back to the ball and made an effort to high-point an underthrown pass from Brehaut.

Brehaut hit four of his five passes in his first go in the 7 on 7, but in the second hit only two of five. The first was a bad drop by Shaquelle Evans, but he also threw low to Morrell Presley on what would have been a tough catch and then missed a throw leading Jerry Rice a tad too far.

Brandon Sermons picked off a pass from Hundley in the 7 on 7 – the pass was intended for Fauria and broken up by Eric Kendricks.

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