Double Pump Spring Tournament

LAKEWOOD, Colo. - There were many Bruin prospects from the west coast on display in the 2012, 2013 and 2014 classes this last weekend...

Xavier Johnson, SF, Double Pump Elite: Johnson has exactly what you're looking for out of a wing in terms of body and athleticism. He also has a good lefty stroke and while his shot wasn't on Friday evening, the form is there. However, he forced way too many shots in the game. Physically he's got everything he needs to be successful, but has to concentrate on playing to his strengths while also helping his teammates. He's got the quickness to get to the basket and often did it well, but settled for too many bad jumpers. Regardless, the physical upside and shooting form is there to eventually be a very good player.

Day Two:

He took better shots on Saturday night and was more on target from three. Johnson's got many of the tools needed to be successful and a college coaching staff will be working with a player that could end up being very good at the next level, should he put it all together. The jumper has improved but with repetition he should be much more accurate in college. He's explosive to the basket and should utilize that aspect of his game more instead of settling for jumpers. The athleticism gives him a very high upside and from here it's a matter of working hard and finding a college coach who will get the most out of him.

Day Three:

The shot selection wasn't great for Johnson against Cal Supreme and, as mentioned in previous reports, that's where college coaching is going to play a big role for him at the next level. He's got the lateral and vertical quickness along with a smooth lefty shooting stroke, but he's just got to keep working hard on his shot and take in coaching when it comes to playing to his strengths as opposed to showing off his weaknesses. There's a lot of upside to work with and there's going to be a strong correlation between his work ethic as well as ability to take in college coaching and his level of success.

Tyrone Wallace, PG, Double Pump Elite: It's a weak 2012 point guard class out west, but Wallace could be the best overall prospect at the position. He's got a good, lanky frame with his long arms and has plenty of physical upside. He controlled the ball a lot more on Saturday night, allowing him to show off his handles and vision. The main weakness in his game is that the lefty isn't a pure shooter, but his form isn't that bad and with repetition and college coaching, can certainly be straightened out. He can hit from outside occasionally, but could develop into an adequate shooter on the next level. There's much more to be optimistic about than skeptical and especially considering that this is the second weak point guard class in a row out west, Wallace should have several programs seriously pursing him.

Zena Edosomwan, PF, Double Pump Elite: Last year, Edosomwan was a player who had a chance to develop into a major conference target. He made the necessary strides, as his game has taken a big step forward since this same tournament a year ago. He plays hard, constantly battling down low for positioning and rebounds. He hasn't been getting the ball much, so he's been forced to create his own offense off the offensive glass. Effort goes a long way with any player, but when you've got someone with Edosomwan's height and strength playing hard, there's going to be production.

Rosco Allen, PF/SF, Double Pump Elite: Allen says he's grown to 6-foot-9 and the reality is that the change in height is probably going to force him to change positions in college. He can be a face-up four, but defending the three is going to be a challenge. In his Friday evening matchup, it was tough to get a true feel for where his game is at due to the fact that he had so few touches. He showed nice vision on some passes from the perimeter to inside the post and hit one of his two three-point attempts, but other than that it was a quiet night.

Wesley Gordon, PF, Colorado Hawks: There's a lot to like about the Colorado commitment. He's got long arms, soft hands and an athletic build. He did a good job rebounding on the offensive glass and due to a lack of touches, mostly scored on putbacks. He moved up and down the court well and challenged shots on defense. Again, he didn't get the ball much in the post so it was tough to get a feel for his skill level, but he's got many of the qualities you're looking for in a young post prospect.

Day Two:

It was another impressive performance for the Colorado commitment on Saturday night. His soft hands and positioning under the basket make him a good rebounder on both offense and defense. He's not an elite athlete, but his long arms make up for it and get him a lot of tip-ins on offense and blocked shots on defense. After Grant Jerrett and Brandon Ashley, he's in the running as one of the top post prospects on the West Coast.

Alex Caruso, SG, Texas D-I Ambassadors: There were a lot of players in the gym with better offers, but there weren't many better players in the gym. The fact that Caruso only has one offer - from Sam Houston State – is a shame. He plays hard, has a high basketball IQ and knocked down some three-pointers but was especially impressive driving to the hoop and creating his own shot from midrange. There was one sequence where he scored on Rosco Allen two possessions in a row, which quickly resulted in a defensive changeup for Double Pump Elite. He's got good athleticism, an impressive first step and has nice leadership skills. Not a bad night for a kid playing on a bad ankle.

Katin Reinhardt, SG, Pump N'Run Elite: There's no question that the talent is there. He can shoot off the dribble, handle the ball and has good athleticism. Not many prospects, to a certain extent, are in control of their own destiny at the college level but Reinhardt is. Meaning, if he plays hard, defends and does everything asked of him by Kevin O'Neill, he has the chance to be a very successful player in the Pac-12. He loses focus at times and that's an issue, but the talent isn't.

Larry Lewis, SG, Arizona Magic Pump N'Run: There are some good qualities to Lewis' game and some that need improving. He does have some vision and can set his teammates up with good passes, but also forces things too much which leads to unnecessary turnovers. He's a better shooter from midrange than outside but is still inconsistent. He can get to the basket but also tends to go to the hoop when there isn't an open look inside, which could have been an issue this weekend due to the ease he probably has driving against weaker competition in state. He showed a nice floater and being a shooting guard, the more elements he can add to his scoring repertoire, the better.

Isaac Hamilton, SG, Team Jennings: Hamilton is a very crafty scorer who can find a way to put points on the board in several ways. He can shoot the ball, but it's the way that he'll take his defender off the dribble to get into the lane, where he'll pull up or just go in for a lay-up that is most impressive. Despite his knack for scoring, he's not a selfish player and will look for the open man. He had two good showings on Saturday, leading a very young squad to the third round of the playoffs on Sunday.

Chance Murray, SG, Team Jennings: The young guard can flat out shoot it. He's a smart player that doesn't force many shots but when he gets a good, open look, you've got a feeling that it's going in. He's a good passer and showed some intensity on defense as well. He's going to have a lot of schools tracking his process due to his shooting ability.

Brandon Randolph, PG, Team Jennings: He still has two years of high school left, but Randolph can already flat out score. He was consistently hitting the three on Saturday and his quick first step makes him so tough going to the basket, where he'll find a way to score in the paint. He's got a scorer's mentality and looks for his shot first, but he's wired to be a scorer and he does it well. He can take his game to the next level by using his talent as a driver to create for his teammates more.

Ikenna Iroegbu, PG, Pump N' Run Elite: Add another point guard to the loaded West Coast guard class of 2013. Iroegbu's strengths are his handles, vision and quickness. The strong guard is tough to stay in front of and once he takes his man off the dribble, can quickly find an open teammate for a good look. He didn't show much of his scoring game on Saturday, but from the looks of it, he's going to compete to be one of the top point guards out west in 2013.

Nigel Williams-Goss, PG, Double Pump Elite: In the past, Williams-Goss has always stood out due to his leadership ability and the way he makes his teammates better. He has good ball skills and vision, which allowed him to make an early impact on the AAU circuit. He showed some of that on Friday night and also at times went away from what makes him a good player. He consistently drove to the basket throughout the evening, and had a lot of success doing it. He also forced things a little too much in that process. When he passed, it was often right on the money, but he had some turnovers and missed shots due to over-penetrating. He's gotten stronger and it's good to see more of an offensive game, but he's got an impressive ability to make his teammates better and the more he does that, the more he's going to stand out.

Day Two

Nigel Williams-Goss, PG, Double Pump Elite: On Saturday night, Williams-Goss did a better job of focusing on finding open teammates and not forcing the issue too much going to the basket, although he did score going to the hoop. He has good vision and the more he shows off that aspect of the game, the better he's going to look.

Chris Thomas, SG, Colorado Hawks: It was an up and down night for Chris Thomas. He's a high level talent who has a terrific combination of athleticism, shooting, handles, passing, penetration skills and the ability to create his own shot. He's got good size for a wing and physically is what you're looking for. At times, he showed why he's such a good prospect and player with some terrific moves to the basket and unguardable shots. On the other hand, he forced things way too much and had several turnovers in the game. There's nothing about his game that can't be cleaned up with coaching, but he plays a lot of point guard for his team and has to take care of the ball better.

Tyrone Wallace has offers from Gonzaga, Colorado, San Diego State, Arizona State, UNLV and Nevada. He thinks UCLA could be close to offering and is also hearing from Penn, Harvard and Stanford.

Nigel Williams-Goss mentioned UCLA, Oregon, Oregon State, USC, Arizona and Washington, but says that he's starting his recruitment over and will see who recruits him after July.

Xavier Johnson claims offers from UCLA, USC, Arizona State, Arizona and Stanford, amongst others. He says he's wide open and hasn't thought of any visits besides St. John's.

Ikenna Iroegbu doesn't have any offers yet but is hearing from Arizona, California, UCLA, USC and Washington.

Skylar Spencer favors Gonzaga over offers from USC, UNLV and Colorado. He's also hearing from UCLA, Florida State, Marquette and Iowa. He hopes to visit Gonzaga in the next few months.

Chance Murray claims offers from Washington, USC, UNLV and Eastern Washington. He's also hearing from UCLA, Baylor and Arizona. He grew up rooting for UCLA, the school which he says stands out to him.

Brandon Randolph is hearing from Washington State, UCLA, USC and Stanford. He said he hopes to hear from Arizona.

Jahmel Taylor offers from Washington State, USC and SMU. He's hearing from UCLA, Oregon, Georgia Tech and Maryland. Nigel Williams-Goss informed that he's decommitted from UNLV. "I'm opening up my recruitment," he said. "I'm kind of wide open right now and taking it all in."

2012 PF Kaileb Rodriguez confirmed his Friday commitment to California. "I like Mike Montgomery and how he develops bigs," Rodriguez said. "I also like the academics."

Chris Thomas mentioned Arizona, UConn, Kansas, Kentucky and Memphis as some of the main schools he's hearing from. He said that Arizona's lead in his recruitment is a "real big one."

Shaquille Cleare said that amongst the schools pursuing him are Maryland, Texas, Texas A&M, Kansas and Arizona. He says he's wide open.

Wesley Gordon is committed to Colorado but says he's still open to listening to other schools. He said he was hearing from Arizona State, Mississippi State, San Francisco and Nebraska, amongst others, before committing to CU.

Alex Caruso has an offer from Sam Houston State and interest from Oregon, Oregon State, Colorado, Wichita State, UTA and The Citadel.

Zena Edosomwan has offers from Colorado, USC, Harvard, Cal Poly and San Francisco. He's also hearing from Texas, Vanderbilt and Gonzaga.

Jordan Tebbutt says he has about 20 offers and is hearing from schools such as Kansas, Kentucky and North Carolina. He hopes to visit Kansas for its elite camp.

Katin Reinhardt says schools laid off him following his commitment to USC and he's solid to the Trojans.

"It will happen whenever I feel comfortable enough to commit. It could be tonight (laughs)." – Rosco Allen on his timetable for a decision.

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