Moses Talks About Talent, Depth

Running backs coach Wayne Moses talked to us about spring practice, how his running backs are faring, the depth at the position, Anthony Barr getting a look, and more...

BRO: We're just about through the spring now, seen all of the backs at one time or another do some good things. How do you see them lining up at this point?

WM: ‘'Well, I mean, I think spring really is a time to kind of get out there and give everybody an opportunity to pick up the offense and start to feel the new voices that are coming at them, the coordinators and that kind of thing. But I'm real pleased with the attitude and the way they're coming out and responding. Obviously, Johnathan Franklin is our top guy right now and then both Derrick Coleman and Malcolm Jones are going well and Jordon James is hitting it pretty good and then we've also looked at (Anthony Barr) there at that spot, so I think we've got a nice crew there and it's just a matter of sorting it all out and they'll do that for you, as this thing starts to settle in there, they will determine who is going to be out there. But it's always nice to have that competition to make your team better.''

BRO: Obviously you have a 1,000-yard guy coming back in Johnathan, but Jordon really has done some good thing this spring, had some big runs …

WM: ‘'Yeah, he's had a good spring. Obviously, there are some things that we need to fix – his pass protection and some other things. But you know, when he gets the ball in his arms he makes some things happen. He's got great feet and he cuts and slashes and all those kind of things. So we like what we see, but it's like anything else, we've got to keep him coming to be more of a complete guy. We know he can run, but there are other things you need to do to be a complete back.''

BRO: How has his blocking come along?

WM: ‘'You know, it's new. That's something he didn't have to do in high school and last year redshirting, that's something that he didn't have to work on with us because he's mostly down on the scout team and that kind of thing. A lot of it is just picking it back up a little bit and he's getting the rust off and he wants to and that's the key – as long as he wants to then you have a chance to be good at it. I think he wants to, so we'll keep working at it and he'll get better.''

BRO: With Anthony, he's had some reps …

WM: ‘'He's had some there and then he's had some at ‘F' so he's kind of had his hands in the whole mix back there. He's a big ol' rangy kid who has good feet and good vision and so, like I said, we have a good group there and we've just got to keep getting better.''

BRO: Does he fit at the ‘R' with the other four guys?

WM: ‘'Well, he's out there. You know, he's a starter already (at ‘F') so this is just gravy, in terms of being able to do it all. We want to have our best guys out there and we want to take a good look at him and keep looking at him at that ‘R' spot and just see where it goes.''

BRO: And how about Malcolm? He had some strong runs on Sunday, but his spring has been …

WM: ‘'So far so good. It's like anything, he's put together some impressive plays and there are some things that he knows that's not quite the kind if performance that he wants to put on the film. But his attitude is good, he's working hard. We just think he has a big-time future for us.''

BRO: The running game obviously took some big steps forward last season. This spring and into the fall, how do you add on to that now, how do you take another step?

WM: ‘'It's a matter now of just growing and taking all the little things and making them better, just the nuances, with Jim Mastro here, the nuances and the things that you need to take it and build it even further, we're starting to get all of those little things and that's really neat, to be able to say, ‘You know, we did it like that last year,' and then add a little bit more in terms of the little things that you didn't know, like the footwork, the reads, all the things you got generically, now we're really starting to put a fence around it.''

BRO: That is helping out obviously, having more of a Pistol, a read-option guy here …

WM: ‘'Oh, yeah. Instead of having to go up there (to Nevada) to talk to him, he's here every day. You know? We're excited about where we're going, but we have to keep on going, keep getting better and keep the competition level going so we can make our team better.''

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