Sanders' Turn to Step Out

Compton (Calif.) Dominguez linebacker Lavell Sanders is another prospect for the Dons getting recruited...

Compton (Calif.) Dominguez linebacker Lavell Sanders (6-1.5, 222), may not have the notoriety that some of his teammates do, but he's quickly making his way onto college coaches recruiting boards.

A loaded Dons' team boasts seven players with FBS offers, and Sanders is the most recent addition to that list.

"I have offers from Arizona State, Northern Arizona and Cal Poly," said Sanders. "And more schools are coming by this spring so I'm getting looked at by some others.

Included in that group is a few in-state Pac-12 schools.

"USC said they like my speed and agility but right now, they are out of scholarships so we have to wait and see with them and then Cal and UCLA, I'd really like them to offer me. They're both recruiting my teammates."

Sanders attended spring practices at USC and UCLA during the spring and was also at USC's Spring Game on Saturday.

Arizona State is a school he likes quite a bit.

"I like Arizona State a lot," said Sanders. "I've been talking with Alphonso (Marsh) and Brandon (Beaver) about them. I would leave California if I have to."

The Sun Devils are recruiting Sanders as a strong safety, though he's a weakside linebacker by trade.

"Arizona State is recruiting me as a strong safety, Northern Arizona is recruiting me as a linebacker and Cal Poly as a defensive end," said Sanders. "I know I'm playing defense."

Sanders said his top five was USC, Oregon, Arizona State, Cal and UCLA.

With so many teammates being recruited, Sanders said the dream scenario would be to teammates with them all in college, however much a long shot it may be.

"It would be amazing if we could all play together, but we all have to do what's best for us," said Sanders.

Academically, Sanders has a 2.8 and will take the SAT in May.

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