Plenty Now Aware of Weinreich

A sleeper no more, Arroyo Grande (Calif.) offensive lineman Garrett Weinreich is starting to rack up offers and one school was his childhood favorite...

Arroyo Grande (Calif.) offensive lineman Garrett Weinreich was easily overlooked, with the Central Coast region he lives in, not always a top destination for college coaches to visit.

But his film made it into the hands of SMU, who offered him immediately, and since, then, Weinreich has added five more offers.

"It was kind of crazy because not a lot of people come out here, but I guess people started finding out about me," said Weinreich.

Weinreich has since added offers from Washington State, Oregon State, Colorado, San Jose State and Arizona.

And Weinreich is hoping some in-state schools offer.

"I do like UCLA, USC and San Diego State," said Weinreich. "I was a big UCLA fan growing up."

Weinreich plans to camp at USC, Oregon State, Washington and Washington State.

He plays strongside tackle for Arroyo Gande but is uncertain which spot he'll paly in college," said Weinreich.

"I know most schools want me as a tackle, and I don't really play guard, but I'm open to anything," said the 6-6, 295-pound Weinreich.

One of three Arroyo Grande players with BCS offers, he and teammate Brent Vanderveen (quarterback) and Seth Jacobs (safety) have broached the subject of all three playing together in college.

"We've talked about it, but not in depth," said Weinreich.

Oregon State is the lone school to offer all three.

Academically, he has a 2.8 GPA and takes the SAT in June.

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