Westwood Good to Seumalo

Corvallis (Ore.) offensive lineman Isaac Seumalo, the #9 offensive guard propect in the nation, talked about the UCLA Lineman Camp and his unofficial visit...

Corvallis (Ore.) offensive guard Isaac Seumalo had a dominant showing at UCLA's Lineman Camp. But the typically reserved lineman, at least off the field, tempered his own performance.

"I thought I did well but could have done better," said Seumalo. "I like going back and forth, so I did defense today. It's fun."

Seumalo has earned MVP honors on the Nike Football Training Camp circuit four times the last two years, including as an offensive lineman at Stanford and as a defensive lineman at Oregon State.

So what does he want to play in college?

"I want to play quarterback," he joked. "Nah, I don't know yet. It depends on what school I go to. Some like me as an offensive lineman, like Stanford and Oregon State, and some like me as a defensive tackle, like UCLA."

The son of Oregon State's defensive line coach Joe Seumalo, the younger Seumalo said that his dad would love for him to play for the Beavers, but if he went there, wouldn't have him on his side of the ball.

"I don't think Coach Cav (Mike Cavanaugh) would let that happen," said Seumalo. "I've known Coach Cav for forever, he's had his heart set at Oregon State. It would be cool to play for my dad, if I go to Oregon State, but I'm not a lock there."

And that's where the rub with Seumalo lies.

"I've never said that I'm going to Oregon State," said Seumalo. "Everyone automatically assumes that. But I'm feeling out the waters. I like to come out here to camps and compete with guys on the West Coast and get a feel for each school."

Seumalo took an unofficial tour of the UCLA campus after his camp performance.

"I spent a lot of time with Coach (Inoke) Breckterfield and he's an awesome guy and a longtime family friend. I loved the campus and the camp was really fun. UCLA is a really good school."

Seumalo said he's got some favorites in his mind, but he didn't want to disclose any, save one.

"I can safely say that Oregon State is one of them," said Seumalo.

Seumalo has seen his dad recruit the last few years, and now he's ready to be wooed.

"I'd like to take all five visits," said Seumalo. "That would be a cool deal. You only get one chance. I'll take one to Oregon State too. I want to make them treat me like a real recruit."

Seumalo has been selected to participate in The Opening next week in Beaverton and he's also been named to the UnderArmour All-America Game.

"The Opening, that's going to be a lot of fun and it's going to be a blast. I have to represent for my home state," said Seumalo. "And I accepted an invitation to the UnderArmour Game. I wanted that badly."

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