Evaluations from Best of Summer

Marcus Lee, Parker Jackson-Cartwright and Tyrone Wallace are among the players we profile from the final event of the summer...

Anaheim, Calif. The Best of Summer tournament gave us one last look at some top players we had seen previously, along with a few new prospects….

Ben Carter, 6-7 PF Las Vegas (Nev.) Bishop Gorman. I only had a chance to see Carter play one game in the tournament, but it was a typical game from him. He makes the tough, physical plays in the paint, as well as skilled, finesse plays away from the basket. He's a very good passer, with an excellent feel, and he has the ability to put the ball on the floor away from the basket. He's got a nice touch out to 15-17 feet and his ability to be a triple threat away from the basket makes him a tough match-up for opposing big men.

Tyrone Wallace, 6-4 PG/SG Bakersfield (Calif.) High. Despite being miscast playing off the ball most of the time, Wallace still managed to show why he's such a good prospect. He's got versatility at both ends of the court, with the ability to grab a rebound, start a break, finish himself or find a teammate. His length and feel for the game make him a very solid defender. He was knocking down shots in this tournament, as he did for most of the summer. The concerns about his jump shot coming into the summer should be answered to everyone's satisfaction by this point. His considerable upside is starting to be realized and he figures to be a very nice player at the next level.

Marcel Davis, 6-1 PG American Fork (Utah) High. Davis is one of the elite point guards in the west for 2012 and he showed why he deserves that designation in this tournament. He's got very good size for the position, with an excellent feel, and good ball skills overall. A good, not great, athlete, Davis is a true point and he makes very good decisions. His shot looks improved from where it was in April and he figures to be a more than adequate shooter at the next level. He committed to Utah State a year ago and the Aggies got a good one.

Collin Spickerman, 6-7 PF Portland (Ore.) Jesuit. A long and slender four man, Spickerman has very good hands and feet. He's also got very nice ball skills for a power forward. He lacks strength, and may be a redshirt candidate wherever he goes, but he's an intriguing prospect with some upside.

Ryan Wright, 6-5 PF Palmdale (Calif.) High. Wright had a rough summer on a bad team, often looking lost and unsure of himself. However, when you watch him on his high school team you see a completely different player. Or, if you happened to have seen him last summer, you would recall just what an intriguing prospect he was at that time. That potential hasn't gone away. He's still a very interesting guy at the low to mid major level in the right system.

Jake Wiley, 6-6 PF Newport (Wash.) High. Slender post with good feet and some decent skills. He lacks strength, and could be a redshirt candidate, but he's interesting.

Aaron Lieberman, 6-8 PF Valley Village (Calif.) Valley Torah. Lieberman is actually a 2011, but as an Orthodox Jew he will be taking a year off before resuming his basketball career, so he will be in the 2012 class. He's a deceptive athlete, with a solid body, and he plays with very good energy. He's also a terrific student. He's very intriguing as a low to mid major prospect, but with his academic profile it's possible he could walk-on at a high major academic school.

Marcus Lee, 6-7 PF Antioch (Calif.) Deer Valley. This was my first look at Lee and he was very impressive. He's got a terrific frame, with long arms and very good feet. He's not a shooter at this time, but he's got excellent rebounding range and he's a good shot-blocker. He has good vision for a big man and he's a fairly good passer, although he attempted a few too many high risk passes when I watched him play. But he moves very well and he's extremely coordinated for a young post. He's a little rough around the edges, but on his tools alone he's one of the elite power forward prospects in the west for 2013.

Hunter Myers, 6-5 SF Minden (Nev.) Douglas. A tough and strong three man with some bounce, Myers was very impressive in one viewing. He can stroke it to the stripe, he's got a very good motor and he showed a very nice feel. He's got a chance to be among the better three men in the west for 2013.

Calvin Hermanson, 6-5 SF Lake Oswego (Ore.) High. In a limited viewing, Hermanson looked to be a decent athlete, with a fair body, and a pretty good motor. He's got a nice lefty stroke to the stripe.

Corey Langerveld, 6-5 SF Pullman (Wash.) High. Good-looking slender lefty with a nice stroke and deceptive athleticism. He didn't play a lot on a team filled with 2012 kids, but he looks like a nice prospect.

Elijah Brown, 6-2 SG Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei. The son of Laker coach Mike Brown, Elijah is a solid prospect. He's got a good frame, a decent lefty stroke and he plays with toughness.

Torren Jones, 6-7 C Chandler (Ariz.) Basha. Jones looks the part, with a pretty good body, decent length and good shoulders. But he's a bit stiff and he's often just a little late on plays. He showed questionable hands at times when I watched him. He's got a big body, and two years to go, but will need considerable development to play at a high level in college.

Parker Jackson-Cartwright, 5-8 PG Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola. Jackson-Cartwright put on a show in the two games I saw him play. He came off the bench and, in each game, completely dominated the action when he got in the game. He dribbled through the defense seemingly at will and either got to the basket himself or found a teammate for an open shot. His decision-making was nearly flawless. Despite his small stature, Jackson-Cartwright has an uncanny ability to get his shot off inside. He's very good at using his body to shield the ball, knowing when to lean in to get contact, or finding an angle to keep the defender away from the ball. His feel for the game is the best I've seen from a high school point guard. Assuming continued development, he will be in the discussion for top point guard in the country for 2014.

Shaqquan Aaron, 6-6 SG/SF Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei. Aaron is one of the more promising prospects in the class of 2014, with a terrific basketball body, feathery stroke to the stripe and underrated passing ability. He needs to work on staying focused, and not just drifting to the stripe for jump shots, but that will no doubt come in time. He's got a chance to be a big-time scorer at the next level, though, as he's capable of scoring from multiple spots on the court. He's an elite prospect in the class of 2014.

Isaiah Bailey, 6-4 SG/SF Compton (Calif.) High. Bailey was very impressive in the one game I saw him play, showing off his considerable athleticism and getting to the basket on several occasions. He's got a chance to be a big-time defender with his length and lateral quickness. His shot is good enough to 17-19 feet and he figures to improve with time. With three years to go, he has an opportunity to be an outstanding player by the time he reaches college.

Namon Wright, 6-2 SG Los Angeles (Calif.) Pacific Hills. Wright is a versatile prospect with a solid body, good strength/athleticism, nice ball skills and a good feel for the game. He does a very good job of letting the game come to him and he generally makes solid decisions. He's got a good stroke to the stripe and he's able to take defenders off the bounce and finish against size. With continued development, he's got a chance to be among the elite prospects in 2014.

Elliot Smith, 6-4 SF Oakley (Calif.) Freedom. A good-looking kid with a long, basketball body, Smith certainly looks the part. He appears to be a pretty good athlete and showed a decent feel in limited viewing. Not sure about his shot, but he's got the physical attributes to be a player.

Ivan Raab, 6-6 PF Oakland (Calif.) Bishop O'Dowd. A slender, long-armed, baby-faced young post, Raab was extremely impressive in the two viewings I had of him. He moves easy for a young big and he's very coordinated. He's right handed, but excels at finishing with his left around the basket. He's got an impressive feel for such a young kid and he's already a good shot-blocker. He's got a chance to be among the elite prospects nationally in the class of 2015.

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