Report on Tuesday's Practice

The defense is clearly having its way while the team practices without pads, and a defensive end looks dominant. The offense appears to have a bit more diversity, though...

The defense definitely dominated, but as Rick Neuheisel pointed out, it's difficult to contain a pass rush without any pads.

Neither Kevin Prince or Richard Brehaut had a particularly good day. Prince threw two interceptions on consecutive plays.

Prince definitely looks completely healed, running with some good speed on the zone read. There was also a scary moment when offensive lineman Connor Bradford backed up, fell and landed on Prince's legs. The entire practice was hushed as Prince got to his feet.

In the early 11-on-11 and 7-on-7, Prince went 11 for 13, with the two incompletes being the picks, one to Tevin McDonald and one to Eric Kendricks. The 11 completions, however were 9 throws to running backs and two to tight ends, without a single completion to a wide receiver.

In that same span, Brehaut went 6 for 11, but attempted more passes to receivers. It's clear, too, that Brehaut is making a concerted effort to look off his target.

A couple of those incompletions were due to a Shaquelle Evans drop and a Nelson Rosario drop, with Rosario's being the result of him going up very softly for the ball.

During the scrimmage at the end of practice, it was tough getting any amount of time for the quarterbacks to operate.

The best ball of the afternoon was thrown by fourth-string quarterback Darius Bell, a very pretty deep ball that was caught in stride by a streaking Devin Lucien.

It was encouraging, though, to see the offense throw to its running backs, with also a screen and a receiver bubble screen thrown in.

The running backs looked impressive. We got our first glimpse of Steven Manfro, who looks to be about 5-9 but has some quicks. Walk-on running back Roosevelt Davis is probably 5-7 and maybe 140 pounds, but he was very quick, jitterbugging his way through the line of scrimmage.

Defensive end Datone Jones did have a good day. He had a couple of virtual sacks and tackles for loss, and looked unstoppable.

The defense continued to blitz aggressively from different spots, and they look like they're thoroughly enjoying it.

Brandon Sermons had a nice break up, forcing Ricky Marvray to fumble the ball.
Sean Westgate sniffed out two zone read runs by Prince. Cassius Marsh was also quick to be in the offensive backfield, with at least one virtual sack. Patrick Larimore had a couple of nice stops, and Owamagbe Odighizuwa had a sack. Safety Alex Mascarenas had a nice break up, going up for the ball and coming down hard on the turf field.

While Dietrich Riley is probably getting the most reps with the 1s at the free safety spot, Dalton Hilliard and even Tevin McDonald are rotating in.

It's interesting that Secondary Coach Tim Hundley is also working with the kick-off teams.

Jeff Locke struggled kicking field goals. If he is the place kicker, it appears that Mascarenas would be the holder.

Albert Cid, the new offensive lineman, looks to be about 6-2, said he was 330 pounds and wanted to get to 315 within a couple of weeks. He worked in with the 2s at strongside guard in the 11-on-11s.

Cornerback Jamie Graham spent some time shadowing Brandon Sermons and the 2s, but then also got in some reps. He looked to be about 5-11, and an exceptional athlete, moving and running very smoothly. He appears to be someone who could clearly contribute.

Freshman DT Brandon Tuliaupupu didn't participate due to what was believe to be a foot injury.

Jeff Baca, the offensive lineman who is still recovering from a broken leg, talked to us about his return.

BRO: What is rehab for you right now?

JB: Just a lot of strengthening exercises, range of motion exercises and I'm also running on the anti-gravity treadmill right now.
BRO: That thing is pretty neat, huh?

JB: Yeah, it is pretty neat. The first time I ran in it was a couple of weeks ago, maybe a month ago, so that's been going real well and it's slowly going as planned right now. I'm excited.
BRO: So there's not any real heavy pressure on it right now?

JB: No, there is. There is, yeah. Hopefully by the end of next week we'll start getting out on the field and start running. That'll be exciting. I don't really know anything other than that, though, to be honest.
BRO: But that's the next step?

JB: Yeah, to get on the field, and keep progressing in the training room. Then the next big step is getting back on the field running and then we've got to get up to full speed and we can go from there.
BRO: Has there been any swelling, soreness, as you've been going through the process?

JB: No. The trainers have been doing a great job of knowing exactly where I'm at and I've been doing a good job communicating with them. You don't want to push it too hard to where it swells up and you've got to slow down, but you don't want to be too easy on it to where you're dragging it out. That fine line is real rough, so we're doing a great job of working with them, they're working with me. We're doing a great job of staying on track in terms of that.
BRO: Once you're able to get back on the practice field, I mean, it's been a while since you've had a chance to play football. Do you think that complicates the situation coming back?

JB: I honestly have no idea. I mean, until I get out there and can tell you how I feel, that's really going to be the thing. As of now, I don't know where I'm at. I mean, I practiced, what, a day and a half, two days, before (getting injured). And then I didn't practice much last year. That could complicate things, but then again I could be perfectly fine and just step on and be ready to play. You don't know at this point.
BRO: The rehab is football specific, the moves ...

JB: Exactly. And that's why we work with the trainers and we get those position specific movements in my rehab. That's what I'm going to start working into once I get on the field, I'll start working position specific and we'll go from there.

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