Report on the Fall Scrimmage

Both the offense and defense have their moments, while Datone Jones has a few by himself, the tailbacks have a good showing, one quarterback might have had an edge and more...

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It was a good overall scrimmage, with both the defense and offense having their moments. It definitely wasn't the case in which the defense completely dominated.

There were moments, though, where it appeared that defensive end Datone Jones was unblockable.

Both Kevin Prince and Richard Brehaut worked with the 1s and the 2s, with Prince starting with the 1s. Easily Prince's best throw of the night was a 45-yarder to Josh Smith in which he hit Smith in stride on a post. It was a good throw and a very good catch.

Brehaut was probably more consistent, throwing more accurately from play to play.

Perhaps the offensive star of the scrimmage was senior running back Derrick Coleman. In one series, Coleman ran the ball five consecutive times, mostly bouncing off the edge and then running hard and breaking tackles, including one impressive 20-yard pick-up. The drive was finished off with a touchdown run by Antony Barr from the offset spot.

Overall the offense was pretty vanilla, with the coaches obviously not wanting to give away too much in a public scrimmage. There were a few delays and a screen, but nothing too creative.

It also appeared that Joe Tresey's defense was holding back some and not bringing the heat as much as it could.

Albert Cid, Chris Ward and Greg Capella alternated at the offensive guard spots. It appears that Capella has earned a spot and it's between Cid and Ward for the other one.

The only significant injury was Aaron Hester having to come out of the scrimmage with a hamstring injury. Initial reports were that it was pretty bad, but we spoke to him afterward and he said it was minor. He felt it pull on a kickoff.

First Series – First String

Prince ran for 2.

Johnathan Franklin goes up the middle for 6.

False Start Penalty.

3rd and 7 – Datone Jones stunts and gets right in Prince's face to smother his pass.

Second Series – First String

Prince runs for 5.

Prince throws incomplete to Fauria on a deep ball down the middle. It was thrown well.

3rd and 5 – Prince hits Faura for a gain of 11 and a first down.

Datone Jones gets in the backfield and tackles the tailback (not sure who it was) for a loss of 4.

Prince misses Ricky Marvray, who was open.

3rd and 14 – Prince connects with Nelson Rosario, but Aaron Hester makes a tackle a yard before the first-down marker.

Third Series – Second String

Brehaut rolls and hits Jerry Rice Jr. for a gain of 6.

Malcolm Jones runs for 5.

1st down – Barr is the offset back and runs for 4.

Jones runs for 5.

3rd and 1 – Shaquelle Evans jumps, false start.

3rd and 6 – Brehaut finds Fauria for a pick up of 17, with Jones picking up a blitz well.

Brehaut rolls and finds Smith for a gain of 8.

Brehaut scrambles for a gain of 10.

Brehaut connects with Marvray for 5.

Brehaut throws it out of bounds, after Wesley Flowers pressures him.

Brehaut hits Evans for a gain of 15 and a first down.

Brehaut runs for loss of one, on a good stop by Erick Kendricks and Sealii Epenesa.

Barr as the halfback runs for 2.

3rd and goal from the 4 – Brehaut throws a strike to Jordan Barrett in the flat that should be a touchdown but it goes through Barrett's hands.

Kip Smith kicks a 23-yard field goal.

Fourth Series – First String

Prince connects with Rosario for a gain of 23 on a post corner.

False start

Prince throws short and incomplete, with Cassius Marsh applying pressure

Draw, Coleman runs for 6.

3rd and 9 – Prince hits Rosario for what should have been a first down. The pass is a little short, but Rosario has his hands on the ball and doesn't bring it in.

Fifth Series – First String

Brehaut keeps it for 4.

James, from the F-back spot, runs around end and cuts up for a gain of 10.

Coleman runs for 5.

Coleman runs for 7.

Coleman runs for 8.

Coleman busts it for 20.

1st and goal at the 4: Coleman gains three up the middle.

2nd and goal at the 1: Barr from the offset spot takes it in for the touchdown.

Smith misses the extra point.

Sixth Series – Second String

Prince throws incomplete on a long out. Good throw but Smith dropped it.

Fumbled snap.

Prince throws incomplete.

Seventh Series – First String

James runs for 2.

Prince connects with Smith on the post for a gain of 45.

Evans on an end around gains 4.

James gains 6 and a first down.

James gets stuffed for no gain.

Prince on an option runs for 5.

Prince, on the zone read, runs it in for a touchdown from the 5-yard line.

Pat Roberts converts the extra point.

7th Series – Second String

Jones runs for 5.

Brehaut finds Marvray for a gain of 18, but I'ts brought back on an illegal motion call.

Jones, on a screen, gains 7.

3rd and 5 – Brehaut hits Evans on an underneath route and he takes it for a gain of 25.

Jones makes a great run, breaking many tackles, gaining 8 yards.

Jones breaks it outside and finds the endzone for a gain of 12 and a touchdown.

Roberts makes the extra point.

After that it was the 3rd- and 4th-strings, with the offense being run by Nick Crissman, Darius Bell, Christoph Bono and Max Schuh.

Devin Lucien had a couple of nice catches, and advanced one for a gain of 32.

Todd Golper intercepted a Crissman pass and was taking it all the way back when he was run down by Steven Manfro.

Tre Hale had two tackles for loss.

Smith then missed a 30-yard field goal.

Shuh, the lefty, looked good, throwing very accurately.

Before the scrimmage, Smith missed two 37-yard attempts badly.

**Franklin had very limited action due to the coaches not wanting to get him injured, knowing waht he can do.

***From what we could see, Lucien didn't get much action with the 1s and 2s.

Scrimmage Stats

Rushing Leaders
Derrick Coleman 6 carries for 51 yards (long of 22 yards)
Malcolm Jones 5 carries for 34 yards (12-yard TD run)
Jordon James 4 carries for 20 yards
Richard Brehaut 3 carries for 12 yards
Kevin Prince five carries for 11 yards
Anthony Barr three carries for six yards (one yard TD run)

Passing Leaders
Kevin Prince 4-11 for 81 yards – 0 TD and 0 int.
Richard Brehaut 7-12 for 75 yards – 0 TD and 0 int.
Maxwell Schuh 5-5 for 67 yards – 0 TD and 0 int.
Nick Crissman 1-4 for 32 yards – 0 TD and 1 int.

Receiving Leaders
Josh Smith 2 catches for 51 yards (long 44 yards)
Devin Lucien 2 catches for 42 yards (long 32 yards)
Shaq Evans 2 catches for 35 yards (long 25 yards)
Logan Sweet 2 catches for 35 yards (long 21 yards)
Nelson Rosario 2 catches for 29 yards (long 17 yards)
Joseph Fauria 2 catches for 24 yards (long 16 yards)
Raymond Nelson 2 catches for 23 yards (long 17 yards)

Scoring Notes

Kip Smith 23-yard field goal
Anthony Barr one-yard run
Kevin Prince five-yard run
Malcolm Jones 12-yard run
Kip Smith 47-yard field goal
Kip Smith 30-yard field goal (miss)

Defensive Note

Todd Golper had one interception (of Nick Crissman)

The scrimmage was 90 plays

--Recruits at Scrimmage

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