Villanueva Getting Priorities Straight

The San Jose (Calif.) Independence offensive lineman, Fernando Villanueva, is getting squared in the classroom and it's helping his recruitment...

San Jose (Calif.) Independence offensive lineman Fernando Villanueva (6-7, 290) made no bones that this summer was all about getting his priorities straight.

"A lot of schools wanted to offer me but my grades needed to improve so I didn't do any camps this summer and I focused only on school and getting my grades up," said Villanueva. "I just got out of summer school and I passed with all B's and my grades are looking good. My core GPA jumped up a lot. Of course, I have to do good on the SAT. But my summer was spent on school and I didn't worry about recruiting."

Villanueva already had offers from Washington State, San Jose State, Utah and Utah State, and said with his grades improving, he thinks more could come.

"USC, UCLA, Oregon, Oregon State, Cal, Fresno State and Washington all said they like my ability but that I needed to get my grades up and if I did, then they'll recruit me and they could offer me," said Villanueva. "When they all see my summer grades, that will help me."

Villanueva said he's certain to visit Washington State and Utah and hopes to visit three more schools officially.

"I'd like to visit USC and UCLA officially and maybe Washington or Oregon too," said Villanueva. "I don't need to visit Cal officially because I've been there a lot. I fell in love with their facilities when I went there for Junior Day. The coaches are really nice."

Villanueva said most of the attention is coming as an offensive linemen, though Cal and San Jose State like him as a defensive end.

"Depending on how my body gets my senior year, depends on what position I'll play in college," said Villanueva.

Villanueva is eager to get his senior year under way.

"Coaches haven't offered because of my academics, not my football, so I made that my priority, but now I'm ready to show it on the field," said Villanueva.

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