NorCal Nike Camp

Among a big group of campers, a few prospects really step up and standout in Palo Alto Saturday. Concord (Calif.) De La Salle brings probably its most talented group of players, including the best at a couple of different positions, and the best overall at the camp in freakish wide receiver <b>Cameron Colvin</b>...

The NorCal Nike Camp was huge, with over 460 registered campers and probably a couple of hundred walk-ups that just tested but didn't participate in the drills.

There was a great amount of talent, with seemingly more players coming from out-of-state (and in state, actually) to benefit from the hundreds of college coaches in attendance. There was so much talent it was difficult to get a good grasp of it all.

The school that is loaded is Concord (Calif.) De La Salle. The record-breaking program has always seemed to have a few standouts and then won with some good role players, but if the Nike Camp at Stanford Saturday is any indication, next year's team could be their most talented group.

In fact, the #1 standout at the camp was wide receiver Cameron Colvin, 6-1, 190. Colvin was eye-opening in the testing, running a blazing 4.31 in the 40, a flash of a 3.85 in the twenty-yard shuttle and jumping 32 inches in the vertical. In the drills, particularly the one-on-one drills, he was in a different league. Perhaps his most distinctive asset is his ability to so easily get separation from his defender with a quick burst, either off the line or 20 yards down the field in his route.

Colvin had a gaggle of college coaches following him around, including UCLA's wide receiver coach Jon Embree. We'll have a recruiting update coming soon on Colvin, but suffice it to say that UCLA was the first out of Colvin's mouth when asked about his favorite schools. The Bruins were the first to offer him.

Among the top ten players at the camp was the receiver who has been regarded as the best in the state, Lavelle Hawkins, from Edison Stockton. Hawkins measured at 5-11 and weighed 165 pounds, and looked very quick and skilled in the receiver drills. Brandon Breazell, at 5.11.5 and 150, was pretty skinny, but he ran well and looked long in the drills.

There was a big group of quarterbacks, but not one that really showed he was an elite-level prospect. Having another good performance was Brian Hildebrand, the 6-2 quarterback from Corona (Calif.) High. Erik Ainge, from Hillsboro (Ore.) Glencoe, looked to be at least 6-4, if not 6-5+, and even though he was raw in his mechanics, had a very strong arm. He was throwing the ball through the hands of most of the receivers.

Among the running backs, there were three that stood out. Jackie Bates from Concord De La Salle, who measured at 5-9 and weighed 180, and did an impressive 19 reps on the bench, looked very good in the drills, with good quickness and balance. Marshawn Lynch from Oakland (Calif.) Tech, ran well and looked great physically. And also, a bit of a sleeper was Dominick Carrie, 5-9, 170, from Miramonte, Calif., who had great quickness, feet and cutting ability in the drills.

It was difficult to tap standouts among the offensive lineman. Jacob Hucko from Cerritos (Calif.) made the trip up north. With a nice frame that looked like it hasn't come close to filling out, Hucko was 6-7 and 280. Adam Speer from West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade was another from SoCal who attended, and he looked good and quick at 6-2.5 and 270ish. Another SoCaller was Bill Wacholz from Poway (Calif.) Rancho Bernardo, who passed the eye-ball test at 6-6 and 280, doing 24 reps on the bench. John Gibson from Stockton (Calif.) St. Mary's was 6-4 and 240, but had a good body to put on weight. He moved very well in the drills, with quick feet.

A tight end that caught the eye was Chris Wilson from San Clemente (Calif.) High, at 6-5 and 235. It was reported that UCLA is very high on Wilson's list.

On the defensive line, there was a strong group of ends. Jeff Schweiger, San Jose (Calif.) Valley Christian, was the best among the elite. At 6-4 and 240, he looked very quick, agile and athletic in the drills. A couple of others that were eye-catchers were Matt Reynolds from Provo (Utah) Timpview, who was probably one of the best physical specimens in the camp, at 6-5 and 265 and still looking fairly lean, and he also showed very nice feet; and Jason Roberts from Fresno (Calif.) Central, another great body at about 6-4 and 240ish, doing 33 reps on the bench.

Among the defensive tackles, it was, again, difficult to discern really elite standouts, but a few did do some good things that were notable. Phillip Mbakagu from Hayward (Calif.) High was 6-2 and 260, did 32 reps on the bench, and moved really well in the drills. Tony Lee from Gardena (Calif.) Serra, looked good at 6-3.5 and about 280.

Among the linebackers, a couple of fairly unknown names might have made names for themselves. Alan Darlin from Elk Grove (Calif.) Laguna Creek was agile in the drills. He looked to be about 6-0, and probably 215. Dustin Kleven, at about 6-3 and 220, from Scottsdale (Ariz.) Chaparral was impressive in his mobility and quickness for his size. Parker Hanks from Concord De La Salle measured at 6-0 and 205.

There was a good collection of defensive backs, including Los Alamitos (Calif.) High's Randy Estes, who measured at 6-1 and weighed 180, and did 16 reps on the bench. He is very physically impressive, and while he looked a bit stiff in the one-on-one drills, we know he's one of the biggest hitters in the west and it doesn't really matter. Willie Glasper from Concord De La Salle proved why he's considered one of the best in the west, looking agile and flexible. Bernard Hicks from Fresno (Calif.) Edison had some big plays in the one-on-ones. Keenan Jones from Harbor City (Calif.) Narbonne, put together some good reps in coverage.

We'll have another story on more players from the camp, as well as recruiting updates on some of the camp standouts, coming soon...

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