Tuesday Report, Neuheisel Video

There was quite a bit going on today at practice, with a player suspended for the San Jose State game, other players returning from injury, a new face on the practice field, and more...

UCLA took the field for the first time since Saturday, and Rick Neuheisel said it was a good, energetic practice.

Kevin Prince didn't practice, watching from the sideline in his pads, a cap and tennis shoes.

Kai Maiava sat out practice and is suspended for the San Jose State game due to a violation of team rules.

Greg Capella, who started at quick guard against Houston, moved over to center, and Albert Cid and Chris Ward took most of the reps with the 1s.

Glenn Love will see doctors tonight, telling the coaches he feels better, looking to be cleared.

With Love out, Jordan Zumwalt took most of the reps at strongside linebacker. Eric Kendricks had a few reps at the spot with the 1s also.

Offensive lineman Jeff Baca was in practice in full pads, and worked at quick tackle, mostly with the 2s. Neuheisel said that Baca's biggest issue is conditioning.

Sean Sheller got cramps late in practice and Brett Downey then stepped in with the 1s at quick tackle. It was thought that Baca didn't take the reps since he was more than likely given a limited amount of reps he could take.

F- back Damien Thigpen practiced, but was limited in team periods.

Brandon Willis, the defensive tackle who has transferred back to UCLA from North Carolina, was in full pads for his first practice. He looked a bit winded, and took some reps with the 3s. He's #92.

Wesley Flowers is expected to return this week, as early as tomorrow.

With Prince sitting out, Brett Hundley took the reps with the 2s, and while Neuheisel said in the post-practice interview that Hundley did well, it didn't look like it from our perspective. Hundley struggled, missing quite a few throws with inaccuracy and mis-timing.

Defensive Coordinator Joe Tresey, who is normally very animated, was particularly boisterous and a bit prickly today.

Dietrich Riley took most of the reps with the 1s at strong safety.

Jamie Graham made his first appearance at practice since his knee scope, and had a bit of a limp when he walked onto the field in a shirt and shorts after getting treatment.

The play of the practice was the last one of the day when, in the two-minute, Richard Brehaut hit Shaquelle Evans on a post.

Brehaut looked very sharp on the day.

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