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Here are the rest of the best from the NorCal Nike Camp on Saturday. The camp had plenty of not-so-well-known names who had good showings and are now players to watch in the recruiting wars...


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C.J. Bacher from Carmichael (Calif.) Jesuit has gotten some publicity and he looked good, but a bit undersized at about 6-1ish and just a moderately strong arm.

Pat Cowan, Bellflower St. John Bosco. He measured 6-4, weighed 200 and looked good physically, but looked raw and lacking arm strength in the drills.

Darren Mougey. Scottsdale (Ariz.) Chaparral, looks great physically, big and strong, but had a pretty poor throwing motion.

Patrick Pinkney, Fayetteville (North Carolina) Pine Forest, looked to be about 6-0 and 180, and doesn't project as a quarterback. But he was very impressive in the agility drills, with great feet.

Darren Bragg is Craig Bragg's little brother from San Jose Bellarmine Prep. Bragg is a good-looking athlete at about 6-1 and 180ish, and he throws the ball well enough to be a good high school quarterback. It'd be interesting to see him at another position and project him for the next level.


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John Peel, Scottsdale (Ariz.) Chaparral, has been getting a lot of recruiting attention, and you can understand. Physically he looked good at 6-1 and 180, jumped 34.5 inches in the vertical and looked quick and sure-handed in the drills.

Aaron Straiten from Antioch (Calif.) High, at 6-1 and probably 180ish, and physical looking, was a player to watch. Straiten recorded a 3.94 shuttle.

Austin Collie from El Dorado Hills Oakridge reportedly had a good performance, and jumped 36.3 in the vertical

Joey Munn from Foothill Pleasanton was 6-2 and 215 and looked quick for his size, but not as a wide receiver. It'd be interesting to see him as a linebacker.


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Worrell Williams certainly passes the eyeball test as a potential fullback at 5-11 and 240.


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Justin Soi, from Provo (Utah) Timpview measured 6-3.5 and weighed 220, and looked good in drills.


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Andrew Woodruff, from Victoria, British Columbia, Canada, came a long way and made the most of it. He was 6-2 and 297 and did 30 reps on the bench while looking good in drills.

A.J. McTaggert from Rockling was impressive, at 6-4 and 270 and moving well.

Martell Golden from Fresno Edison was a pretty good load at 6-1 and 320. He probably projects as a defensive tackle.

Ian Brinker from Tucson (Ariz.) Salpointe Catholic looked good physically at 6-6 and 265.

David Lord from Rialto Eisenhower was 6-5.5 and 320 and got good reviews in the drills.

Bradis McGriff from Vallejo (Calif.) definitely made it onto some recruiting lists after his performance. He came in at 6-5 and 300.

Derek Hunter of La Habra looked good physically at 6-3 and 265.

Dernon Jessie stood out merely because of his size. He was at least 6-6 and probably 320+.


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Chris Matsuoka from Stockton Lincoln, 6-1, 265, looked fairly impressive.

Matt Stiles of Willits (Calif.) High was 6-3.5 and 275.

Isley Filiaga must have been a sub 6-footer, but he looked really exception in the one-on-one drills and benched a camp-leadng 45 reps.


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Travis Martin from Mountain View (Calif.) St. Francis might be another to mention, looking put together at 6-3 and 225.


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Jed Collins from Mission Viejo participated and looked okay.

Joe Mortensen of Concord Clayton Valley was definitely one to watch. At 6-1 and 235, he looked good physically, while also putting up 33 reps on the bench.

Chris Kawulok of Lewisville (Col.) Monarch had a good showing, looking physically good at 6-3 and 200.

Terrance Kelley, another prospect from Concord De La Salle, worked with the defensive backs and held up pretty well, even though he more than likely projects as a weakside backer.

David Heckman of Sutter Sutter Union looked solid, at 6-2 and 215.

Langston Johnson of San Jose Bellarmine Prep had a good body at 6-1 and 205.


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Virdell Larkins, a safety prospect from Oakland Tech, definitely belongs in the top group of defensive backs, looking strong and physical in the drills.

Antoine Cason from Los Alamitos was impressive in the one-on-ones.

Mesphin Forrester of Venice (Calif.) High was also very impressive, with good size (probably 6-1) and the quickness and mobility to play corner.

James Lewis, Forrester's teammate at Venice, looked physical in the coverage drills.

Marshawn Royal, Fresno Sunnyside, 5-11.5, 180, got good reviews for his agility.

Probably the top sophomores at the camp were Ryan Reynolds, a linebacker/strong safety prospect from Lake Havasu, who put up 32 reps on the bench; Jeremy Childs, the sure-handed and smooth wide receiver from Los Alamitos, and linebacker prospect Ray Mualaga from Eureka (Calif.) High.

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