FB Recruiting: Offensive Line

Offensive line could be the most critical position in this recruiting season. UCLA is doing well with some elite players, and will have to look outside of California to get the talent it needs...

Offensive line is probably the biggest priority for this recruiting class on the team after defensive line. In other words, UCLA needs some hogs.


UCLA probably will take up to five offensive line recruits, needing some big, talented bodies at both offensive tackle and guard.  After not doing well in OL recruiting recently, and some players having left the program, offensive line recruiting is critical this year for the future of Karl Dorrell's program.  While the defensive line might need more bodies, the offensive line has a bigger need for an infusion of young talent.


The offensive line talent in California is average, and UCLA will definitely have to go outside of the California stateline to bring in the talent in needs on the OL.


Note: Being on the "A List" means UCLA has offered the prospect a scholarship, or is on the verge of doing so.


If you want all of the recruiting information on each recruit, remember to click on the hyper links attached to the names of each prospect to go to their player profiles and story archives.


Jeff Byers, 6-4, 270, Loveland (Col.) High.  Byers is a monster on film, and has to be among the best OLs in the west, if not the best, and one of the best in the country.  The UCLA coaches that came from Colorado have been on him for a while, and Byers likes UCLA.  A List.


Tyrone Byrd, 6-5, 265, Sugar Land (Tex.) Hightower.  The new UCLA staff has been targeting Byrd since the first day they came to Westwood. He's considered one of the best OL prospects in Texas, with offers from Oklahoma, Colorado and LSU.  He's listed UCLA first.  A List.


Thomas Herring, 6-6, 285, Los Angeles (Calif.) Fremont. Herring is probably one of the best five prospects in the west.  He's amazingly quick and athletic for his size. He plays tight end, and probably prefers defensive tackle, but many scouts project him as an offensive tackle, where his size and quickness would be a huge asset.  UCLA is in an uphill battle for him, with Herring liking Miami, USC and others.  A List.


Brandon Nicolas, 6-5, 260, Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei. You know things have changed when UCLA leads for the top, elite player from Mater Dei.  Nicolas is a stud, a top 100 national player, who could play defense as well, but would make a great offensive tackle with is quickness.  He has said UCLA leads.  A List.


Jacob Hucko, 6-7, 285, Cerritos (Calif.) High. Considered one of the best tackle prospects in the west, Hucko has a great frame and the capability of adding quite a bit of muscle.  He's been heavily recruited and wants to stay in the Pac-10.  Oregon looks like the school, right now, to beat, but UCLA is trying to keep him close to home.  A List.


John Kadous, 6-6, 315, Tucson (Ariz.) Salpointe Catholic.  One of the best in the west, Kadous is getting national attention. UCLA is on his list of the top five and will probably be involved until the end.  A List.


Aaron Klovas, 6-6, 300, Spanway (Wash.) Bethel.  There's a huge buzz for Klovas this spring, and it's resulting in coaches flocking to his high school and offers coming in quickly.  The schools from the Northwest have been all over him, and how he's open to interest from national programs. UCLA is getting in on him and will try.  A List.


Leo Talavou, 6-3, 318, Fountain Valley (Calif.) High.  One of the best in Southern California, Talavou is strong, aggressive and quick.  He had a very good showing at the SoCal Nike Camp.  Could also play defense. UCLA is on him pretty hard.


Adam Speer, 6-2, 260, West Hills (Calif.) Chaminade.  Aggressive and with a mean streak, Speer is making a name for himself with west coast programs.  He had a good showing at the NorCal Nike Camp.  He could also play defense. Lists UCLA among his favorites.


Brian Abraham, 6-5, 260, Rancho Cucamonga (Calif.) High.  Abraham is shaping up as one of the best in SoCal, with great size, a good frame that could easily add more weight and a very good technique and aggressiveness on the field.  He has said USC is his favorite, but UCLA is trying to sway him toward Westwood. 


Thomas Gagliardi, 6-6, 315, Phoenix (Ariz.) Moon Valley. Considered one of the best in Arizona, UCLA has been on him for a while and he has the Bruins on his list of favorites.  


Chilo Rachal, 6-5, 290, Compton (Calif.) Dominguez.  Rachal had a great junior year and has had good showings in the spring camps.  He moves well for a kid his size.  He has said he was a lifelong UCLA fan, but USC has supplanted the Bruins as the favorite now. UCLA is trying to get back on top.


Daniel Rowlands, 6-4, 250, Los Alamitos (Calif.) High.  Rowlands is one to definitely watch, with good frame and a body that could definitely add quite a bit of muscle.  He attended a few UCLA spring practices and likes the Bruins along with ASU. 


John Gibson, 6-4, 240, Stockton (Calif.) St. Mary's.  An intriguing prospect, Gibson is very athletic and mobile. So much so, he looks like a tight end – but he says he wants to play center in college.  He's still very slender and could still put on quite a bit of weight. But no matter the position he ends up playing in college, he's a prospect to watch. UCLA is recruiting him.


Matt Streid, 6-3, 300, Granada Hills (Calif.) High. A wide guard prospect, Streid is getting Pac-10 attention.


John Ioane, 6-4, 329, Tustin (Calif.) High.  He is considered one of the best in SoCal, and has good mobility for a guard prospect.  He has said UCLA and USC are his favorites.


Raul Suarez, 6-5, 310, Sylmar (Calif.) High. Considered one of best in Southland, has UCLA in his top three.  


A.J. McTaggert, 6-4, 270, Rocklin (Calif.) High. Made a name for himself at the NorCal Nike Camp, McTaggert has UCLA among his favorites. 


Corey Actis, 6-5, 255, Bakersfield (Calif.) Liberty. A kid with some good potential, with size and pretty good quickness, UCLA is showing interest.


Others to Watch:


Eric Rouser, 6-8, 260, Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure 

Rameses Arceo, 6-4, 295, Santa Fe Springs (Calif.) St. Paul

Derek Hunter, 6-3, 265, La Habra (Calif.) High

Devin Clark, 6-4, 280, Mesa (Ariz.) Mountain View

Erik Schlief, 6-5, 340, San Jose (Calif.) Leigh

Jeff Fritch, 6-4, 265, Palos Verde (Calif.) Peninsula

Bill Wacholz, 6-6, 280, Poway (Calif.) Rancho Bernardo

Josh Smith, 6-5, 313, Norco (Calif.) High

Chris Joseph, 6-3, 260, Santa Ynez (Calif.) High

Chase Clowser, 6-8, 320, LaGrange (Ohio) Keystone

Ryan Cantrell, 6-4, 265, Sugar Land (Tex.) Clements

Brett Pearce, 6-3, 260, Kent (Wash.) Kentridge

Tony Lee, 6-4, 240, Gardena (Calif.) Serra

Cameron Filkins, 6-6, 300, Los Alamitos (Calif.) High

Cleveland Powell, 6-8, 300, New Orleans (Louisiana) O. Perry Walker

DeJuan Clark, 6-3, 275, Los Angeles (Calif.) Fremont

Aaron Fernandez, 6-2, 260, Mesa (Ariz.) Red Mountain

Mike Tepper 6-5, 285, Garden Grove (Calif.) Pacifica

Mark Gray, 6-3, 280, Los Angeles (Calif.) Loyola

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