OL Hucko likes the Pac

One of the most coveted offensive line prospects in California, <b>Jacob Hucko</b> of Cerritos is 6-7 and 280, and still has plenty of room to get bigger and stronger. He said he has a preference for the Pac-10 and conference schools are on him...

Jacob Hucko, 6-7, 280, Cerritos (Calif.) High, was thought to be one of the best offensive line prospects in California, and he had a good showing at the NorCal Nike Camp to cement that reputation.

Hucko, who looks fairly lean at 280, has a great frame to put on weight. On film, he's so large it's difficult to get around him, and he has a mean streak.

In recruiting, Hucko said he's beeen getting recruited by primarily the Pac-10 and the Big 12, but said he had a preference for one of those conferences. "I'll take any recruiting from any Pac-10 school. There have been some schools from the Big 12, but I think I want to stay in the Pac-10."

Hucko named Washington, Oregon, USC, ASU and UCLA among the Pac-10 schools at the top of his list, but said that one school might be the leader, since it it was his childhood favorite. "Oregon," he said. "For some reason I've always liked them. My father didn't. It wasn't like he was a fan of Oregon. Just for some reason I always liked them."

Hucko said he's looking for a "family atmosphere" in the program he'll choose. "I'd like a coach who's tough on you on the field, but someone you can talk to off the field. The personal relationships are important to me. It's that family atmosphere that I'm looking for."

Hucko also is looking for a good academic atmosphere, where he can study physics and electrical engineering. Hucko is a serious student, with a 3.6 GPA and having scored an 1140 on his SAT.

In June, he said he he has plans to attend UCLA's Junior Day, the Cal camp, and is still contemplating whether he'll attend UCLA's four-day camp. He has already visited ASU unofficially, for their junior day, and said he "really enjoyed ASU."

Hucko said, though, that he doesn't plan on committing any time soon. "I really want to wait until I take all five of my trips," he said. "I want to wait until after my season. But I won't wait until right up until signing day. I'll take all of my trips, but then I think I'll orally commit."

He has no qualms about leaving the Los Angeles area and, in fact, is leaning that way. "I'd like to go away. I want to experience life outside of Southern California, and the best way to do that is in college."

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