DT Prospect Marlon Favorite

One of the best defensive tackle prospects in the South is <B>Marlon Favorite</b> from Louisiana. Dare it be asked? Does he have a...favorite? He talks about the faves on his list...

Marlon Favorite, 6-2, 310, Harvey (Louisiana) West Jefferson, is one of the top defensive linemen in the South, so of course, most of the SEC is on him, but Favorite has some schools outside of the South on his mind too.

"Alabama, Tennessee and UCLA have all been out to practices," Favorite said. "I am also hearing from Miami, Virginia and Arkansas. And of course, LSU and Tulane, and definitely Colorado," said Favorite.

While the Tigers will be in the thick of things, Colorado and UCLA are a pair of schools Favorite is highly interested in. "My cousin Thaddeaus Washington is a linebacker at Colorado, and I talk to him every other month and he is telling me that he will take care of me if I come up there. My aunt keeps telling me to go there too."

Colorado is currently his leader along with LSU, while UCLA and Florida round out his top four. The Bruins are an interesting addition to his group. "I have never been to California, but I have watched UCLA games on TV growing up and liked watching them. It would be nice to go there, especially if I go out of state."

He also had plenty of good things to say about UCLA assistant Coach Eric Bieniemy. He said, "I am getting recruited by Coach Bieniemy and he is a real cool guy. He seems real laid back, and always cracking jokes. I really like him, and he knows my cousin too at Colorado."

Favorite's mom wants him to stay close to home and go to LSU, and also to look at Tulane, being only 20 minutes from his home. And she has emphasized academics to him. "I know school is the most important thing to me, and while I will look at a good football team, I want a good academic environment too."

One thing that is easy to perceive about Favorite is his maturity, sounding very thoughtful in his recruiting process. Even though he claims he isn't mature, which is kind of mature in itself. "I'm only 16 years old, and so I am not at the maturity level I need to be able to make a decision early. I'll probably announce the day before Signing Day. I want to take all of my trips, make sure I know where I want to go. I mean, being 16, I want to stay close to home right now, but as the year gets on, and I get older, I may want to go away. But I need to be right on my decision."

He plans to attend the Nike Camp at Auburn this summer.

Favorite has a 3.0 GPA and took the ACT once, wasn't happy with it, and said he'll take it again at least twice.

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