Top Safety Names Leaders

The nation's No. 1 safety in the 2012 class, Sacramento (Calif.) Grant's Shaq Thompson is down to seven schools, with two leading the way...

With scholarship offers from just about everywhere in the country, Sacramento (Calif.) Grant's five-star safety Shaquille Thompson has quite a bit of options.

"Recruitment is going well right now," reports the nation's premier safety in the 2012 class. "The latest update is that I'm taking my trip to Washington this week to watch Washington vs. California."

This game will be particularly special for Thompson, as he will be in attendance to watch his two favorite schools battle it out.

"My leaders are Washington and Cal," he reveals. "They're probably equal right now."

Thompson will be on the lookout for a few things in particular at Husky Stadium on Saturday.

"I want to see who wins," he says. "And just watch both teams and their coaching staff, their playing style and see who really wants to win the most."

Although a date has yet to be set, Thompson reports that Berkeley will most likely be home to another one of his official visits.

With a narrowed down list including five other schools, Thompson will have to choose carefully as to how to fill the three remaining slots.

"I'm going to try to take all five visits," he tells "I'll probably be visiting either Michigan or Notre Dame, either USC or UCLA, and also thinking of taking a trip to Florida."

"They both have a good team, I'm really just seeing how they're doing this year to see where I want to take my trip," he says when asked why it will be one or the other. "I don't want to take a trip that's a waste of time on a school I'm not interested in."

Thompson explained what it is that interests him about each of the seven schools that comprise his current list of favorites.

Washington: "I like their coaching staff, and I've been down to Washington before, it's a nice environment there."

Cal: "The coaching staff, and also I've been down there so much. The Bay Area has a nice breeze, it never gets hot."

USC: "I've never really been down to LA. I talked to Coach Helton and he wants to get me down there. I know he's a great coach and I want to go meet the rest of the coaching staff."

UCLA: "I know it's pretty out there, and Beverly Hills; I want to go take a visit."

Notre Dame: "Me and Coach Denbrock, we're cool, and he wants to get me down there. He's actually supposed to be coming here next week to talk to me."

Michigan: "I've got family out there, so I'll probably go see how it is. They've always said Michigan is the place, so we'll see if they're right."

Florida: "I want to see South Beach. And I've never been to Florida before."

"What I'll really be looking for in a school is the education and the environment around it," he says.

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