Goodwin Sees Football as "Option"

The elite post player from Georgia, William "Shaq" Goodwin, has always maintained he wants to play both football and basketball in college...

Atlanta (Georgia) Southwest DeKalb two-sport star William Goodwin, who has said a number of times in the past he wants to play both footbal and baskteball in college, has changed his opinion a bit.

When asked if definitely had to play footbal, Goodwin said, "It's an option."

Goodwin plays tight end, defensive end and kicker for his high school team, which is 4-2 this season. Goodwin has twelve catches, eleven tackles, five field goals, and three sacks.

"No touchdowns, though," Goodwin said. "That's ridiculous."

And Goodwin said that it doesn't matter to him if the football program where he chooses to go is struggling.

Which is good news for some of the schools on his list. The 6-foot-8, 245-pound forward is considering Memphis, UCLA, Florida, Georgia, and Arizona.

When asked about the Memphis football program, Goodwin said: "Terrible. I don‘t know if I could turn it around, but I could help."

Arizona is the most recent addition to Goodwin's top five; Alabama was axed in favor of the Wildcats.

"They (Arizona) have good players there that I know," Goodwin said. Goodwin is still in the process of finalizing his visit schedule but said that he intends to visit each school. He will be in attendance at Memphis Madness on Oct. 14, where popular hip-hop artist Rick Ross will perform.

"I expect to have a good time," Goodwin said. "I like Rick Ross. He's the man down here."

When he decides on a school, he said the most important thing to him is who his destination school is recruiting behind him for 2013. "Just so I know who's coming in to take my spot," Goodwin said.

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