Practice Notes, Neuheisel Video

The team adapts to the weather for practice Wednesday, and Coach Rick Neuheisel talks about a sense of urgency among the players...

Wednesday's practice was a bit different, with the coaches trying to compensate for rain and wet conditions. Even though it wasn't raining at Spaulding Field at practice time, the grass field was still wet, so the offense and scout team defense started earlier, and the defense and scout team offense came in later. Both the offense and defense, then, overlapped for five periods in the middle and went against each other.

Quarterback Richard Brehaut didn't have a particularly good day, throwing inaccurately, and committing a couple of interceptions.

Dietrich Riley had one pick on a tip, when Brehaut threw into thick coverage, and Andrew Abbott had another when Brehaut threw a few feet wide of his intended receiver.

Tevin McDonald also got an interception on a deep ball.

In the redzone period, Joseph Fauria caught his requisite touchdown in the back of the endzone, and Shaquelle Evans caught one from Brett Hundley.

Devin Lucien, posing as Washington State receiver Marquess Wilson with the scout team offense, did catch a touchdown pass in the corner of the endzone over the top of Aaron Hester.

In the field goal kicking period, walk-on kicker and former soccer team manager Tyler Gonzalez was with the first team, and he made three of four. Well, three of five if you count the one that hit off the upright that would have been good if the upright weren't tilted.

Walk-on kicker Joe Roberts had the chance with the second team, and he missed all three of his attempts, and badly, too.

Jeff Locke didn't kick field goals with the field goal kicking unit. He was kicking field goals on the side of practice, however, as was Gonzalez, Roberts and Kip Smith. Smith doesn't look ready to go.

It's amazing that UCLA can't get a straight field goal upright to practice with. The upright on the east side of Spaulding has been tilted for some time. And it's also amazing that the kickers have to kick into a makeshift upright put up on the high fence on the Pauley Pavilion side of Spaulding Field. Apparently the kicks go over the nets that are behind the other two uprights, which leads you to ask: Can't the program straighten out its upright, and can't it get bigger nets?

Tony Dye went back to the red jersey Wednesday, and was also fitted with a back neck brace behind his helmet. Dye did most of his work with the second-team defense, and Tevin McDonald got most of the reps with the first string at free safety.

All of the other injured looked like their status hadn't changed.

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