Prince on WSU: "Great to Get the Win"

The quarterback Kevin Prince talked after the game from the locker room at the Rose Bowl about his performance coming off the bench...

Kevin Prince answered questions after the game.

Q: Did you hear the boos when you came in?

A: How could you not hear the boos? It is what it is. That's football.

Q: When you completed the ball to Rosario, did you hear the cheers?

A: Yeah, I heard that too.

Q: Does it seem a little strange to you to have it switch that quickly?

A: No, football fans will be football fans. They want to see their team win, so I understand it. Personally being a sports fan, I've gotten mad at players who haven't made plays so it just goes with the game. It doesn't necessarily affect me. It's just part of the game.

Q: You threw the ball probably as well as you have in a couple of years. Did you feel an urgency with the team trailing?

A: I disagree that that was the best I've thrown it. There were some throws I missed that I wish I could have back. But when I needed to make the plays, I made them. That's what really felt good. Going into the fourth quarter, there, helping my team throw the ball and take the lead was huge for me. That definitely felt good.

Q: Going in 22-14, did you talk to the guys or just go out there and do business as usual?

A: Yeah, I just got the offense together and told them it was going to be one to remember. Thankfully, we pulled it off and got the win. Washington State played a great game, but it was just great to get the win.

Q: (With the injury to Richard Brehaut) Do you think having the starting job in your hands fully will help to settle you down in games?

A: Yeah, I've got a full week of practice, you know, I've got this bye week and a full week of practice going into the Arizona game, and that'll definitely help in terms of my throwing and decision making. I kind of just got shoved in (today). I've never been in that situation before, coming off the bench in the middle of the game. It was fun to take advantage of that opportunity though.

Q: How much of Nelson's catch did you see?

A: Which one? I saw he kind of one-handed it, right? That's Nelson, that's why we have him running that route. He just makes plays. He's a monster. I'm sad that they took our touchdown away from him, but what he does for our team really doesn't show up in statistics. The plays that he makes are just so huge for us, I'm glad we have him.

Q: Did you feel like you were in a groove a little bit towards the end?

A: Towards the end, yeah, I feel like. The offense was moving in terms of the running game and that always helps loosen up the defense a little bit. As the game wore on, I felt more comfortable and just settled down a little bit. I had a little butterflies going in, after the Texas game and everything. Definitely a little bit of nerves. But I got over that and I realized my team really needed me.

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