Neuheisel Sunday Conference Call

The coach talked more about the victory over Washington State, the injuries, the situation at quarterback and more...

Opener: "Obviously thrilled with the victory. Unfortunately it came at a cost, with both Richard Brehaut and Jamie Graham going down in the game. Richard's got a fracture in his leg, and I want to say fibula. And Jamie Graham's got a left knee injury that probably looks like an MCL and probably will keep him out for several weeks. So those are the two significant injuries in the game. Shaq Evans had a laceration in his face, but he'll be fine. And I think that's it. There's some bumps and bruises as always, but in terms of going to be keep people from playing those were the two unfortunate injuries. But very happy with the resilience, very happy with the victory and excited to have a week maybe to get some people back, guys like Sheldon Price and Anthony Barr and Alex Mascarenas we've got our fingers crossed. Tony Dye we've got our fingers crossed so we'll just wait and see how that all plays out."

Q: Is Jamie looking at surgery at this point?

A: I'm not sure. My thought is that, no, I think it's just a heal thing.

Q: Kevin obviously came off the bench and did a great job, but defensively, what did you see in the film that was different about you guys?

A: Well, we did a nice job. There were some plays being made from our front guys, getting off of blocks and chasing down quarterbacks and diving and making plays that were huge in the game. There were some plays being made in our secondary in terms of knocking balls down. Eventually some of those balls that get tipped up in the air we're gonna catch. That's just going to happen. The more hands we can get on balls, the more opportunity we're going to for ourselves. But there was some flying around going on, there was some urgency, and that was neat to see.

Q: Did you get a chance to review the leaping penalty and the motion penalty on the last drive?

A: You know, I'm gonna refrain from comment because I don't want to get myself in any trouble. There's a protocol when we've got some question with officiating that we use and we'll stick to that.

Q: Have you ever had that call against you before?

A: I know the rule and I know the reason for the rule and it's a safety issue. I've not had that called against me before, no.

Q: Is there any kind of time table right now with Brehaut?

A: You know, they always give you a range of weeks. I've heard from 3 to 6, those kinds of things. But we'll wait and see. The last time I was told he was hurt and going to be down for a while he was back in two days. Now this is not a two day injury. This is motivated young man and he's going to do everything he can to get back as soon as he can.

Q: How does this affect Brett Hundley's status now?

A: Well, it changes things from the standpoint of his repetitions in practice. With Richard not being able to go Brett will get more work in practice and he'll have to be ready in the event that Kevin gets nicked. That's happened before as we all know, so we've got to be ready. We're just fortunate that we have an extra week. And if we can create a training camp type of environment the next three days we can maybe accelerate Brett's readiness and his ability to step in there if needed.

Q: And who moves into the No. 3 spot?

A: Probably Nick Crissman.

Q: What were your thoughts on the crowd booing Kevin when he came in?

A: I did not hear it when it happened. I was told about it by my wife and some other folks and the game and you know, that's unfortunate. I certainly understand people voicing their displeasure with calls, or not going for it, and different things when things aren't going well. I absolutely believe that they have the right to do so. I would just wish they'd save those things for those kinds of decisions and maybe us as coaches rather than the young men who bust their tails and try their best on a weekly basis. I'm not mad, I just hope that Kevin has the last laugh and those same people are cheering for him big time as he helps keep us in the race.

Q: That's exactly kind of what happened, wasn't it? (when the fans started cheering after the play action pass to Nelson Rosario).

A: That's kind of exactly what happened, and now it's up to Kevin and his quarterback coach to make sure it stays that way.

Q: Mike Johnson said last night that conceivably you guys could change up the play calling or adjust how you put the quarterback in positions to get hurt. Is that something you want to explore going forward?

A: Well, there's two competing philosophies here. Number one is, what do you do to be successful? And number two is, what do you do to try to stay safe? I think first and foremost you have to be successful. Kevin is an accomplished runner. He's proven that on numerous occasions. He made a big play with his legs, although not necessarily designed last night when he escaped the pocket and ran down 15 yards to within the 20 yard line. So, we need his legs in the offense. It helps make everything else go because he's a viable threat. Now, how much we do it remains a question because the more we do it the more at risk he is. It's a great question and it's one we're going to have to really work on to decide what's the right balance.

Q: Did you say anything to Tyler Gonzalez after the game?

A: Way to go. We were very excited for Tyler. It's a great story and hopefully it'll continue to be a great story.

Q: Are you sure you guys didn't give him the uniforms (to launder)?

A: He was actually busy doing the towels. He had an ear to ear grin. I know he was sitting there looking up at that scoreboard at 22-20 going, "wait a minute."

Q: What were you thinking at that point?

A: The thought crossed my mind, "I knew those beat writers were really smart, but I didn't realize they could actually predict the future."

Q: You think you would have learned by now, Rick, come on.

A: Yeah, exactly.

Q: You mentioned getting Brett ready if Kevin were to get injured. But what if Kevin is ineffective, how close do you think Brett is?

A: We'll know more now. Again, two reasons. One we have this off week which can be a training camp like experience for Brett. We can really accelerate his learning and get him caught up. You don't have that luxury when you're trying to get ready and game plan for a particular opponent. Number two, as the second string quarterback you're going to see him in these things and we're going to find out just exactly where he is. And it's still not our of the question that we might just have a package for him. I've toyed with that idea to date but I just haven't felt like it was worth, at the point I was at, throwing a year away for it. But now we've got a situation where he may very well have to play. And rather than wait for that time where he has to, we might get him involved so he's ready when he does.

Q: Will there be any hesitation on your part to throw him in there?

A: I'm going to keep my cards close to my vest on this one. I don't know when and what situation will prompt me to put him in the game. But I'm going to have it ready. That I need to do.

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