Rosario on His WSU Performance

The receiver Nelson Rosario answered questions after the Washington State game...

Nelson Rosario talked to us from the Rose Bowl locker room Saturday.

Q: Nobody grabbed your feet today...

A: Not this time, I guess.

Q: Talk about your performance, especially after Richard went out.

A: I think I had 3 or 4 catches, 100 or something yards. Didn't get in the end zone but we got the W so that's all that matters.

Q: Obviously you had two crucial catches, just talk about coming through in those big situations.

A: We ran that play plenty of times this year, I knew if I got a certain look it's probably going to come to me, all I do is get past the corner. And that's what happened, (Kevin) put the ball up there and I just had to go get it.

Q: Are you just trying to make top-10 plays?

A: No, I swear I don't do that, it just happens from time to time.

Q: When you stuck your hand up there, how confident were you?

A: Like I said, during the play, I don't think about that at all. I'm just trying to catch the ball.

Q: What about the two-pointer?

A: The two pointer, I saw it floating there and I knew the corner was there close to me, so I knew once I caught it I'd have to get it out of the way because he might be able to bat it out. I just had to grab it and hold on.

Q: Just the way you guys won this game, you had to come back a couple of times, you knew how important it was for the rest of the season. Talk about the importance of this game.

A: We knew they were a good team. It shows. They were a lot better than in previous years. So we knew we were gonna have to fight. In the fourth quarter, I was telling everybody, "We're not gonna lose to them. We can't let this happen." And we held them to a field goal, went down and scored, and then (Andrew) Abbott came up with a big interception that sealed the deal for us.

Q: Talk about adjusting when the quarterback went out and Prince came back in.

A: When Richard went out, of course we were all bummed. But KP came in, did his job, and you know, he was once a starter too. None of us flinched, we were all confident in him. He came through and got the job done.

Q: What does it mean for the offense to know you can come from behind like this?

A: It's a big confidence booster. Anytime, you do something like this it's a big confidence booster. It's something to keep in the back of our minds in case it ever happens again. We can do it.

Q: The play you made at the end of the game with the one hand, was that the play all along? Did you check into that?

A: Oh no, that was the play the whole time. That was the same exact play as the first one, where I thought I had a touchdown. We just had the look we wanted and all I had to do was get past the corner.

Q: Do you enjoy getting the ball thrown long now?

A: Since I've been playing, that's all I've been doing. Just getting back to it now. I'm comfortable with the ball in the air, down field.

Q: The play at the end of the first half in the corner of the end zone that was picked off- do you feel you could have gotten that ball?

A: Honestly, when the ball went up, I kind of lost it in those lights out there. In a certain area, I don't know about anybody else, but for me I couldn't see the ball at all. Then it dropped, and it was just a little too short. I thought it was going to come further than it did. I couldn't get it out of his hands to make a play.

Q: What happened with you and coach Tui on the way to the locker room at the half?

A: Just a disagreement. Nothing serious, we just had some words and then we made up.

Q: Did that disagreement motivate you at all for the second half?

A: The interception's what motivated me. I had to make up for that. I had to come around and make a play for him.

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