Carroll: "It Was the Opportunity"

The wide receiver Randall Carroll talked about geting the ball thrown his way more against Washington State...

Randall Carroll answered questions after the game from the Rose Bowl locker room.

Q: So, it looks like you finally got some balls with a little bit of space to start the game.

A: Yeah, I did. I wish I got it in more space, try to do a little something. I did what I can. I helped spark our receivers. That's pretty much my job anyway. In practice, I always spark our guys up, so that was good to get the first two and get everybody ready.

Q: It looks like it was part of the game plan to get you the ball early a little bit on some shorter routes. Was it nice to get some looks early in the game?

A: Yeah, it was nice to come out the first play of the game and actually throw it. It was great to start the game that way, because I feel on our team our receivers run our offense in the sense that if we're having a bad day, the rest of the team's going to have a bad day. If we're having a good day, everybody feeds off our energy because I think we're the most energized group on the offensive side of the ball. So, with that, I made those first two catches and I came out energized and I felt that sparked the rest of our offense.

Q: Was it a bit of a switch for you from normal, with the Washington State cornerbacks pressing you at the line?

A: They do tend to play off of me, but this week Washington State didn't care who you were, they were going to play in your face, and I felt that was pretty disrespectful. If you're going to play me like that, you know, I kept running deep. I didn't connect the two times I had chances, which is how it went this week but we did stretch them. And Nelson went down there and caught his bomb. We feel as receivers we go to work just like they go to work every day, and we feel that's disrespectful if you're going to man us and press us all day. Obviously, you're saying we're not good enough to get off this press. And we showed that we were. That's what coach Johnson was hammering into us. We have to prove that we can play off press.

Q: So you see pressing as kind of a challenge.

A: Yeah, I feel like that. When I go out there and you're pressing me, I see that as a slap in the face. It's like you're coming into my house and stealing something. Obviously you don't respect my game enough if you're going to come and press me.

Q: With all of that, how bummed were you when the deep ball went through your hands?

A: I was very bummed, because I've been working on that and it was the opportunity I'd been waiting for. Every practice, I catch them all day, and I've been waiting on it. And it comes and I missed it. They tried to hit me again, but the ball was just in another place. We've just gotta go back to work and I'm going to get another one, that's for sure.

Q: Is it a different ball that you see coming off of Kevin's arm as opposed to Richard?

A: Sometimes, it depends on the play. Sometimes Kevin likes to put more umph on it while Richard puts more touch. So it just depends on the situation and the quarterback and how they like to throw each ball.

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