Williams: Waiting Not Wishing

Troy Williams is just a junior at Narbonne High (Harbor City, Calif.). Because he has time, his only focus is on his Gauchos' current season, not on the colleges recruiting him.

Culver City, Calif.--Troy Williams was nearly untouchable when his Narbonne Gauchos came to Culver City High and routed the Centaurs 49-23. Williams was 21 of 27 passing for 385 yards and four touchdowns.

While some colleges are already reaching out to the junior playmaker, Williams said he's not paying attention to any of it too hard.

Right now, he's only serious about his season and his schoolwork. But when he does look at colleges after this season and during his senior year, his number one priority will be whether the college is academically strong.

"First of all [a school has to have] great academics because my mom always tells me you have to get your school done," he said. "Then I'll look at their sports categories to see if they're a winning team and try to build on that."

Despite his focus on the Gauchos' season, Williams talks with Bowling Green's coaches at least once a week. And while he's had offers from Bowling Green, Washington, Washington State, SMU and Nevada and heard interest from UCLA, none are standing out.

"None so far. Anything will do now. I'm only a junior so I'm not rushing into anything," he said.

Williams has not taken any visits anywhere, and plans to wait to visit a campus until the season is over.

"Haven't really been paying attention to [recruiting] lately I've just been focusing on my team and trying to get these wins and win city," he said.

As the offers seem to expand for Williams as more hear about the dual-threat, Williams said he has no school he's waiting to hear from nor is there a specific college he dreamed about attending growing up.

"My coaches told me just to keep everybody even," he said.

As far as conference or location is concerned, Williams only cares about playing time, not where he'll play. He plans to make his decision at the end of next year.

"I just know I want great tradition, great fellowship [in a school and] everybody likes to work hard on the team and get things done," he said.

Williams' Gauchos are currently 3-2 and he has a 92 percent quarterback rating with nine touchdowns and six interceptions on the season.

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