Practice Notes, Neuheisel Quotes

It was hot, but Kevin Prince wasn't, and Rick Neuheisel talked about putting quarterbacks at risk...

It was damn hot.

But there's more...

In what was a seriously hot day on Spaulding, the team actually had a fairly nice practice in terms of tempo, and generally it was the most up tempo practice I've seen in my, oh, one week of covering the team.

In the 7 on 7, Kevin Prince again had a not-so-hot day, missing on a number of passes, including a pretty long overthrow of Taylor Embree and a short throw to Ricky Marvray. In general, he was missing high with most of his passes. He finished 4 of 9 in the period. Brett Hundley got a bit more burn in the 7 on 7 today, and it looks like he's getting more comfortable. He looked off his primary a couple of times, once on a nice slant to Derrick Coleman. He obviously still has a lot of work to do, but he looked like he made some strides. At the beginning of practice, he once again did a couple of pushups for holding the ball incorrectly on runs.

In the 2 minute, it was more of the same for Prince- a lot of high throws. He overthrew Marvray deep once, and then also threw one high and outside to him on a dig route. There was another poor throw behind Josh Smith on the sideline, but Smith made a nice adjustment on his route and came up with the catch.

Hundley also got a look in the 2 minute today, and came off a bit better. While he definitely wasn't doing it with any consistency, there were a couple of times where he went through a progression, in particular a throw to John Young after Derrick Coleman was covered coming out of the backfield. He had one poor throw on a drag to Smith that sailed behind him, but aside from that, he was 6 of 7 and drove them down field for a chippie from Tyler Gonzalez, who nailed it.

Gonzalez was 4 of 4 in the field goal period at the beginning of practice, and nailed one from 50 to end the period. Joe Roberts also got a little bit of work in, and he looked decent, if a bit rusty. Most of his misses were sailing right. Kip Smith is still ironing out some kinks, hitting quite a few knucklers that barely cleared the crossbar.

Sheldon Price and Anthony Jefferson did a little bit of work on sidelines, actually doing some twisting and cutting which is an especially good sign for Price, who still has the brace on his knee. Chris Ward, in his second day back practicing, switched off with Wade Yandall in between the 1's and 2's. Shaquelle Evans, Nelson Rosario, Jerry Johnson, Alberto Cid, Anthony Barr, Alex Mascarenas and Tony Dye were once again out of practice. Rosario did a little bit of running on the sideline.

The scout teams scrimmaged against each other to end the day, as is common during the bye week. Aaron Wallace was a serious standout on defense, consistently punching through the offensive line and disrupting plays in the back field. Logan Sweet and Jerry Rice Jr. made nice catches for the offense, and Darius Bell made a couple of nice throws, but in general, the scrimmage was dominated by the defensive line and linebackers. It was nice to see some tackling though, as it was a live scrimmage.

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